Should i use sata?

i don’t know if i should cause of course my motherboard has 2 of em but i heard some bad things about them that they can ruin your hdd. i’m not sure just from what i heard.

SATA interface has distinct advantages over the parallel ATA interface because it is a faster interface and allows data sourced from the drive’s onboard cache memory to transfer faster than PATA. It also has a private channel to transfer data to the device, so there’s no sharing of data cables. The cables have a smaller footprint and less bulky than their parallel counterparts. SATA doesn’t make the physical read/write operations performed by the drive any faster because no matter how much headroom you have with bandwidth, the speed depends on the drive’s design. One analogy is, if you have a car with a top speed of 140km/h, it won’t go any faster with more lanes on the road because the engine design limits the car’s speed, but it will get to its destination faster if the driver knows the best route to take and takes a shortcut here and there.

Like the PCI Express bus design, serial does have clear advantages over parallel data transfer both in terms of performance and cost. However the advantages are yet to be realised given the speed of current drives.