Should I use "Regenerate data sectors"?

Hi all, and hope you had a happy Christmas! :cool:

Anyways, I’m really into CloneCD since I’m a bit of a perfectionist at times and I like making the best backups of my music/data CDs that I can.

If I want to make the most exact backup possible, should I check the “Regenerate data sectors” option in Read Settings or not? I’m using I have compared reads of the same CD with and without this option and the subchannel data varies greatly.

I couldn’t understand CloneCD or its help’s description of this option. I know that it regenerates the error correction; what I don’t understand is, is it reading the original information or making its own new information, when this option is checked?

So, in short, which setting (on/off) of “Regenerate data sectors”, will lead to the most accurate copy being made? By accurate, I mean the most identical to the original, of course!

I’d appreciate any information here, if you can help out.

Thanks! :smiley:


Well, if there are any disc defects (scratches, unreadable bits) on the CD enabling this option will hopefully correct them making a better copy.

Good Luck!:slight_smile:

$CyBeRwIz$, thanks for your reply.

So basically, this option rebuilds the subs? So if my source CD is fine, leaving the option off will copy the original subchannel data?

That is, of course, if my crappy Lite-On LTR-52327S can even read subchannel data properly. :frowning: By the way, I would appreciate any input on that topic. Thanks!

I need to spend money on a proper drive, like a Plextor, or at least something which can read subs identically each time! :eek:

Anyway, I’m getting off topic. Thanks for your reply, and maybe you could elaborate? I guess I’ll just leave it off unless I’m copying mashed discs. :smiley:

(throws LTR-52327S out of window)

If you have the latest Firmware revision or a newer one (i use QS0E) the drive should read SubChannel data fine. If you wanted to create a nice copy, then read at a slow speed like 4x or similar. Regenerate Data Sectors will only try to get a better quality rip.


Hey, thanks again!

Apparently, I am using the firmware revision labelled QS5A, whether this is good or not.

Regarding the subchannel reading of my drive, any CDs which I have tested for this have been in spotless condition. It is only certain places in the subchannel data which have variable results when read with the same settings.

Whether this is to do with my particular drive, the lack of Reed Solomon error coding in one byte out of 33 (I read this in one of the other topics, it may not be exactly correct!), or just an inherent gripe with the CD format itself, I don’t know. But it does really annoy me. I just hope that if I save up for an expensive drive (sights set on the Plextor Premium at the moment), that this annoyance will disappear.

Anyway, I’m going off topic. Hopefully I can figure out an answer for this subchannel thing elsewhere! :slight_smile: Thanks very much, again.