Should I use labels, or not?



is there any way to put labes on ur dvds without them messing up the dvd.using verba- dvd+rs,will work fine on pc and standlone,when i put a lable on will still work on pc but not on standlone (stopping and freezing).dont want to change my printer or drive on my pc,using good photo mat lables and a center to put lables there a way to put lables on and have them play on my standlone or have i being wasting my time with the lables. :a


General advice from here is to avoid using labels at all, since it is likely that they will in some way eventually make your discs unreadable.

However you can read around the subject on the CD & DVD Labelling and Printing forum, where I’ll transfer this enquiry.

Oh, and by the way: referring to your original thread title, there’s a few lasses around here as well :iagree: :wink:


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I’d say no to paper/sticky labels of any kind, so if you don’t want to get a LightScribe/Labeflash drive, or get a disc printer, that kind of limits you to Sharpies/CD-R pens I’m afraid.

I have LightScribe and Labelflash drives, but to be honest, Sharpies are quicker, even if they’re not so pretty.

Edit: ROTFLMAO @ Chas :bigsmile:


There’s also this sticky thread in the Blank Media forum:

Sticky paper labels on DVD+/-R discs: beware!

There are many other examples on these forums, in addition to the examples in that thread, where paper labels have caused major problems.

I learned my lesson with paper labels on CD media being bad, and it’s even worse on DVD media.

Stay away from paper labels - they are evil! :wink:




Use the labels on discs that you give away to people you don’t like. :clap:


again no no no


ok everbody is saying lables wont work so how is it a friend done 7 dvds last year for my kid .he used bulk pack dvds (cheap dvds)plain paper lables some of them not even centered right and these dvds have being played 1,000s of times and never stopped of froze once. :sad:


We’re not saying that DVDs are guaranteed not to work if you put labels on them. :disagree:

We’re saying that there are so many problems when attaching paper labels to DVDs that it simply isn’t worth the risk!

Do you see the difference?

It’s a bit like playing russian roulette; you’re not guaranteed to be killed, but do you like the odds? :wink:


Luck :wink:


Sorry, NO! :disagree: :disagree:
Luvs Jenni :flower:


no lads i cant see its just luck ,the discs he used (bulk pak) have a heavy orange paint on lable side rough to the touch.would this have something to do with the dvds working with the using verbait_s done 4 today played perfect on standlone put 4 lables on and all 4 of them stopping and skipping.i do love my paper lables is there anything i can do.cant get my hands on old bulk pak dvds they dont do them anymore.


We don’t condemn labels just because we are crabby. We have seen many, many instances where labels were fatal.

If you won’t listen to our advice then feel free to go ahead. There is no point in trying to convince you otherwise.


Me and Jenni aren’t lads, we’re lasses :wink:

But I agree (again) with chas - feel free to go ahead, it’s just that many of us have had or seen others have bad experiences with labels to trust them.