Should I use a burner for ripping?

Hey guys, I read somwhere that it’s not a good idea to use my DVDRW to rip. IS this true? I was wondering because I can get a new combo drive right now for $20, so I was gonna use that to rip and use my burner just to burn…any help would be great thanks.

Apart from the fact that many burners are riplocked (reading speed of commercial DVDs limited to 1X or 2X) I don’t see why it would not be adequate to use a burner for ripping. The NEC 4550/4551 drives are not riplocked and are very fast rippers. There are probably some other non-riplocked drives, but I don’t know about them.

Most burners can be un-locked with special firmwares, but doing so voids your warranty.

And don’t forget with some non standard firmware the riplock can be disabled.

speed and such is not my main concern what I am worried about is I read somwhere that it’s bad for the burner…I personally don’t understand how but who knows so would it be better to get a strict DVD reader and use that for ripping…or would that be riplocked(thats a new one)

it’s not BAD for the burner per se, but think of it this way.

if you’re using the drive to rip and burn you’re doing twice the amount of work on it then if you were only using it to burn.

if you use a separate drive to rip you’re “saving” the reading laser of your burner thus prolonging the life of the drive.

it’s just a matter of wear and tear.

That’s the way I see it, too. I use one of my burners for ripping, but that’s simply because I don’t have the room for my burners and a dedicated reader, LOL (I do use one of my burners pretty much just for ripping and scanning, though). :slight_smile:

Show it might just be a better idea to have a dedicated ripper?

If you have the room, and are genuinely interested…here is a link to a $20 USD drive to use just for ripping…:slight_smile:

I would pick the Asus E616A over that. Not much more expensive and it is a little bit faster. :wink:

I would pick the Asus E616A over that. Not much more expensive and it is a little bit faster. :wink:

who makes that Asus???

is this

the same, but different color?
(The “v” in model number confuses me)

thats basically the same drive with a black face:)

Yes a DVD-Rom (reader only) is the preferred method of ripping. Generally it does a better job of reading as well as ability to read any files that may produce an error using a DVD Burner. Also, as reasonsnotrules indicated, it will avoid the wear and tear on your burners laser. Much cheaper to replace the burner than the reader.

Ideal installation would be to have the DVD burner set on the secondary ide channel with jumper set as master, the DVD reader should be on the secondary ide channel with jumper set as slave.

A very useful utility to have is Nero Info Tool V3.01 (it’s free).
With this tool you can see how your ide channels are configured without opening up your case, it also displays if DMA is enabled which is a must for proper DVD burning.
The tool is an executable file that writes nothing to your hard drive, simply create a shortcut to it, click on the shortcut, then click on the configuration tab and the information will be available to you.

You can download it here:
Scroll down to the 4th program available to download and you’ll find Nero Info Tool v3.01. Hope this helps in your decision.

Edited: See Mk In’s post below, I need to think before I type! :o

probably the other way around: i.e. cheaper to replace a reader than a burner :stuck_out_tongue:

I think he was typing fast, and boggled that…but all else damn good advice…:slight_smile:

Yes I did in fact mistype, it is the other way around as most of us well know,
my apologies for the miscue.