Should I upgrade to WINXP PRO

I am using WIN ME right now… and am kinda tired of the freakin memory leaks in … i have 256mb Ram… and it always runs out…
i have to format my pc every 6 months … due to that…

I have triend WIN 2000 Pro and have liked it alot but cannot play games on it…

So would you guys suggest that i upgrade to WIN XP Pro.

i have AMD 800mhz
256 MB RAM
20 Gig
32 MB Ati…

could anyone also tell me why i have so many memory leaks in WIN mE is it just me or everyone…

I cannot open Yahoo Profiles thru the Messenger…
Please Help Thanks.,

Win2000 can handle a lot of games by now, due to several updates by Microsoft. But it remains so that this OS was not developed for games.

WinXP is indeed better than ME (never liked ME, it was even worse than 98 in my opinion), especially when you use the pro version.

Personally, I prefer Win2000 over any windows system at this moment (butu then I don’t play games and couldn’t tell you how that is).

Last option, you can always make a dual boot system. Windows ME for the games and windows2000 for all other stuff


I have used both Windows 2000 and Windows XP and I play a fair amount of games :slight_smile:

I have never really experienced any real problems with any of the games I have played on Windows 2000. I very strongly believe that the fact that Win2K can’t play games is a VERY odd and widespread misconception.

I have played with no problems

Unreal, Unreal Tournament
Quake 3
RA2, C&C Renegade, NoLF…ahh whats the point I played LOADS of games with no problems on Win2K.

One thing I would say is that Windows XP is faster than 2000 when it comes to games. and both are MUCH, MUCH faster and more stable than Windows 98SE.

I say go for Windows XP it is better than Win2K in my opinion and probably the best MS OS out there are the moment :slight_smile:


PS. A good idea might be to image your hard-drive before you try it out :slight_smile: that way you can always go back :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Yes, you many upgrade to Win XP. It is worth it !!!

Highly stable.
Games enabled.
Cool interface.

Move to XP as I have to agree with Da_Taxman about Windows ME… It’s worse then a steaming pile of crap… I used it for about 1 month and went back to 98SE… So far I haven’t found many games that won’t run on XP Pro but lately I haven’t had much too much to to get some serious game play time but so far it all been really great with XP…:smiley:

XP Pro. It still havn’t crashed for me yet after almost five months of continious service. Programs have crashed and hung, but I’ve always been able to CTRL-ALT-DELETE them and restart them.

Hehe, damn funny. Just after I typed this, IE crashed itself… :slight_smile:
But XP didn’t crash…


I think that would have to be the best thing that is in XP… Had it on bout the same amount of time. Have to say that it has only really gone down twice. And they haven’t really been all that major really. Plus I think IE is still alittle crashie as it is as I have had it crash many times but as you say XP itself didn’t crash like it would of if you was runing any of the 9X os’s

I too have the same dilema.
A good example is High Heat Baseball 2003 will NOT play on win2000. For this reason only is why I stay with win98 (until they have the bugs worked out of XP)


I cant say that I know that game all to well but I am suprise that it doesn’t work on 2K. But you do have a good reason for staying with 98 as well but I’m sure that you will find that XP isn’t really all that buggy, well from my experance anyway. Unless you are talking bout the reporting back to Microsoft when ever anything crashes but that can be turned off.


As for your Yahoo IM problem I think that you will hav to re-download it again and re-install it. I have had that trouble before and that was how I fixed it

XP Pro is good if you get it at the right price

XP Pro Corp Ed is even better if you can get your hands on it :stuck_out_tongue: