Should I upgrade to TS 10?



I recently bought TSH552B, still use my old F/W TS04, I’m quite satisfied because TSH552B can write both DVD R+ / and R-, even though I bought the cheapest one.
The problem is : NOT always can read DVD movie.
Should I upgrade my firmware??
I still have my silly questions :rolleyes: :

  1. what if the performance of my TSH552B getting worse after upgrading F/W ?
  2. can I go back to my old F/W ?
    Anybody help me !!


Update it to TS10. If warranty is not a big problem for you and you can work with MKTFlash, cross-flashing to TS-H552U’s US06 is also a good option.

I have US06 on both of my TS-H552B.


Does upgrading to TS10 has benefit in reading as well as writing DVD’s ??
My friends told me that if I’m not satisfied with new F/W, i can always go back to the old F/W, by using SYTEM RESTORE in Windows ?? Is it true ?


No you must reflash drive with old firmware. System restore has nothing to do w/ flashing a drive. I have a 552b crossed flashed to an 552u.


I’m sorry… it’s another silly question :bow: :
I use my TS552B with IDE cable and USB2 (make my internal ODD into ext ODD), can i update my F/W ?

I look into samsung website and learn that i have to run a program sfdnwin in order to upgrade my old F/W.
By using that program i might be able to identify my ODD and the new F/W that already been dowloaded before.

Is that what u do, when u want to upgrade F/W ?
And how about down grading the F/W, when I’m not satisfied with the new one?


With sfdnwin.exe, you can flash to anything that is supported in TS-H552B. (From TS00 to TS10 that is and later TS11 or higher when released.)

Firmware updates are for various reasons but not all of them are published.


I read from this forum (Lite on DVD burner) that MKT flash won’t work with USB 2 - IDE cable,
Is the same problem occur with sfdnwin.exe ?


I quote this:

[I]Hi all,
Having a very bad problem with this drive. I was having problems with various DVD-R discs, and decided to upgrade my firmware from TS08 to TS10. It failed about halfway through and told me to restart Windows XP. I should point out that this drive is attached to my laptop via a powered USB 2.0/IDE Cable attachment, running at USB 2.0 speeds.

The drive is now flagging an error in Device Manager, saying that is has a problem and cannot start (Code Error 10). Is there anyway to reset/erase the (what I think is) partial firmware ? I tried running the samsungodd firmware program but it no longer recognises the drive as attached (although it DOES as a USB device) ! Help !

Apologies, this was posted in wrong section first of all.[/I]

I’m using the same method : IDE cable and USB2 connect my TSH552B to my laptop.
I’m quite affraid to upgrade to TS 10 :confused:
Please help me !!


Try first. If it fails, move it to onboard IDE. Samsung firmware flashers do prefer onboard IDE.


Thanks a lot Kenshin :bow: , finally i risk myself upgarding to TS 10, and it WORKED … :smiley: EUREKA…

Conclusion so far:

  1. With TS10, my TSH552B can read all kind of DVD movie now. That’s one luxury I can’t have with my old F/W TS 04
  2. Eventhough using IDE - USB2 , I updated to TS 10 very smoothly :bigsmile:
  3. sfdnwin.exe do allow you to downgading to the old F/W

well, cross your finger now… I’ll burn some DVD … I’ll post update next time.
Thanks a lot folks :bow: