SHOULD I UPGRADE my NEC3500 to 35...20,30 or 40

I have an opportunity to sell my 6 months old NEC3500 for a good price.
Do I stick with it or upgrade to any of the new models?

Do you feel the need for a new drive?

I really don’t see a need untill maybe the 4550. keep the 3500 for now, I know I am going to.


Based on where you live some country don’t have some of those drives yet. As far as in the US you only have the 3520 and IMHO you have the better drive.
So for me I’m waiting for BenQ DW1640 and the only reason I see for that is 8x DL writing. Other then that I’m happy with my 3500 but when I get the Benq I’ll keep both. :cool:

Looks like the majority of you think the 3500 is a better drive in terms of burn quality than the current NECs out there. In that case I think I will keep it.

:bow: If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. :iagree:

No question about it, NEC 3500 with mod f/w is the best or among the best DVD writer as far as quality of burning concern.

Crossflashing is not possible, since 2500@2510 !

NEC 3520 is not very impressive, but, NEC 3540 appears to be quite impressive in term of quality burn… as far as I can see.

And DVD+RW 8X will be “a must have” feature in 2006.
(remember that DVD+RW 4X = 15mn…)

>>So for me I’m waiting for BenQ DW1640 and the only reason I see for that
>>is 8x DL writing
Beware, burn speed > 4X/6x seems not too good, even with expensive DL…

Dells are shipping with the 3530 version. Specs look the same as the 3540.

I got the 3520 and the 3540. The 3540 is looking good so far.

If your 3500 is working good I’d keep it. My old 4x is working good so I haven’t replaced it yet. I will when the newer dl speeds go up. I don’t mind waiting 15 min. to burn a dvd.

Yes, my 3500 is performing very well and from all the replyes to this thread it would appear that 3500 is still on par with the current updated models that NEC have released.

I wouldn’t.

Still a decent drive. Unless you’ve got plenty cash to throw around, I’d say stick with it until it becomes unsuitable for the current range of media your throwing at it.

I did a pretty good comparison of the 3500 and the 3520 here if you want to see it.

Also, I have no other drive that is a more consistent burner (see my scans).

Keep it. Whatever you would be selling it for would be too cheap.

Interesting results… thanks for highlighting that topic again.

I’m currently using an NEC3520 and assumed it would have been better than the 3500 which it replaced… but I’m having second thoughts now! :a

The supplier had both in stock, but they didn’t give any advice on differences between teh two drives apart from the DL speeds.

Just strengthens the NEED for forums like this one! :iagree: :iagree:

It’s really boring if you have an excellent drive. Nothing to change, nothing to fix. I feel with you :D. Ok, we 3500 owners have another cross to bear … (“bubbles”)

Don’t be mean now…not all of us can reach Nirvana. Many are called…few are chosen.

Hey, I’m a chosen one!!

3520a with 1.04 stock firmware - OK.
3520a with 3.04 official frimware - much better.

NEC like to release new firmwares for their drives (and there are always new hacked versions too), so the best drive today may not be the best drive once new firmwares have been applied!

Unless you want to do things with your new drive that you cannot do with your current drive (eg DVD-R dual layer) I would stick with what you have got. By all accounts, the newer drives are not significantly better than the 3500.

I don’t know - I spent months agonising over whether I could justify replacing my CD-RW with a DVD-RW! You seem to want to replace a fairly new, perfectly good, DVD-RW with a very slightly better one for no obvious reason. Surely you have other things to spend your money on!