Should I Upgrade my 4081b firmware?

I have a LG 4081b with A100 firmware. I had a problem as some other users, like an error at the end of disk at once in Nero (could not perform disk at once). Though as I upgrade to the most recent version of nero this problem is becoming rarer…
The media I use the most is Sentinel which I consider a reasonably goob brand…

Now, the reason why I am considering upgrading the firmware is because nero can’t burn media at 8x (+r). I’ve heard a firmware upgrade should solve this. Which version of firmware is more adviseble? A101, A104 or A1041?

I have the same drive and tried many 8x DVD +R brands. All of them burned as 4x
Today, I bought HP 8x DVD +R ( ATIP is Philips 8x ) and the same result, 4x !
I think that this drive is a 4x -R and 4x +R,
This drive is a big lie from LG

Have you tried to upgrade the firmware?..

Yes, I tried all of them, A100, A101, A104 originals, and A101 and A104 from Dangerous Brothers, none of them works at 8x ! Btw, the burn quality with ordinary Discs is perfect, I’m now sure that this is a max 4x drive, LG is a big lyer

Hi fisherking,

I own and use a 4081B with 8x DVD disks. They burn quickly, reliably, and lossless. As you may or may not have read or heard, DVD burning is slightly more demanding than CD burning. So you need a perfect match of drive, firmware and disks.

Please refer to the recommendations listed on LG’s website and in the box of your drive. I have had not a single problem with e. g. Verbatim DVD+R 8x single-layer discs.

Be careful before you call someone or a company a liar. People could use similar words to describe you. I guess you don’t want that.

Cheers, der Hanseat

Dear Hanseat,

Thank you for your answer …
You say that you can burn Verbatim @8x … Ok, no problem here … But there are many good brands you couldn’t burn @ 8x … You have to choose , say 3 from 50 brands … This is a very bad ratio … You couldn’t find every brands in every country … I bought a Nec 3500 … I can burn 4x @ 8x 8x@ 12x and some brands @ 16x , and it burns to mid quality medias excellent …

When LG marketing this drive, They has to say this : This drive can burn @ 8x but only with these very expensive 2 to 3 medias … If I saw this, I could stay away from it …

I’m very happy with the NEC … I was happy also with the recording quality of the LG, but you can nearly always get good or excellent quality @4x with every media in every burner …

Yes … Saying to LG lier is rude, but I couldn’t find another word reflecting my anger with my poor english …


Who says the LG can only burn 8x with 2 or 3 brands? If the drive is limiting certain 8x discs to 4x it’s because they don’t have good quality. You say you had problems with many “good” brands of discs; what brands and more importantly what media IDs on the discs?

Would you please give me the brands which you have burned in your 4081b @8x ? But please give me the medias which You have burned, not written in the recommended media list of LG … Also, in how many minutes you have completed @8x

I burned 8x HP ( C08 ) @4x … BenQ 8x ( AZ2 Daxon ) @4x … I don’t remember the others cause after buying the Nec3500, I mounted the 4081b to my daughters PC, and I’m using it only with the CDR copying …

Thank you.

You may be right about the 4081B not supporting a lot of medias at 8x. Unfortunately I don’t have one to compare notes with you. I did find some user reports of this drive and various media, perhaps it will be of some help to you:

Wow ! Very good link. Thank you.
As you can see there, if haven’t made any mistake by counting the 8x burns, they are very few … User comments also indicate that this drive is always burning lower than indicated …

Thank you again for this link

I use memorex dvd+r 8x all the time, no problem.

Post a list of 8x media compatibility on GSA-4081B.

Should include these:

Brand name, rated speed, manufacturer, MID, maximum supported write speed, write quality per each media type.

Did you say 3 out of 50?

Memorex could come with many mid code. Which one is yours ?


Dear Kenshin,

The results in this link is not very detailed but huge. As my understanding, I’m not alone there, they are only few people who can achieve a 8x +R burn with 4081b. There are so many +R Media indicated as 8x to 16x. If we can make a list, what will be the percentage of the 8x burns comparing to 4x or 2x ? My guess is %10 or less. Is there somebody who can prove the opposite ?

Don’t you think there’s a great chance that nearly 100% of LG GSA-4081B/4082B users in some places could be using their drives for 8x DVD burning only?

Have you ever tried to make sure what DVD media in GSA-4081/4082 are supported for 8x writing at all?

There is no need to prove what you are saying is wrong. You can prove yourself wrong just by reading more. Sorry, but that is the truth. Please read more before you continue bashing the drive. I understand you feel bad because you were not informed well before buying that drive (or until now), but isn’t it better to KNOW NOW than never? Just find the types of media that work properly at 8x for your drive. If you want help, use more modest methods to ask questions. Saying 3 out of 50 and 10 or less % is a very extreme and fanatic way. Post your your table was what I meant. For example, like this:

Though it was for GSA-4040B. (That’s one of the reviews on my site.) I can’t find one for GSA-4081B/4082B at this time though I also have GSA-4120/4163/5163 reviews. I have only GSA-4082B but DVD+R 8x compatibility must be at least nearly same. Somehow most South Korean users who regularly use DVD writers don’t seem to have difficulty in finding the right media for burning at 8x with 4081/4082. Since they are sold at every store at low cost. If things seem different to you in Turkey, talk to your distributors.

After upgrade A101 my GSA 4081B burn fine 8x using Nero.
Media - Memorex DVD+R 8x. Time burning - 09:55 Min.
TDK DVD-RW 2x Ok burn.

Thank you for your message. After reading all of the mesaages about the 4081B, I can understand that Firmware A101 is better then the A104. I’ll take your advise and use the A101. Memorex could come with different manufacturer’s MID , but I can find them in my country. Also I will try my BenQ and TY Discs with this fw.

Thank you

Others medias in 8X Burn fine after upgrade 101 - with 4081B:
Sony DVD+R 8X Time Burn - 08:40
Imation DVD+R 8X Time Burn - 09:58
Legacy 8X - Time Burn 09:10
DotCom DVD+R 8X - Burn in 4X
LG DVD-RW 2X - Burn fine.

Thank you for this helpful info

So, 4081b can burn at 8x ??? +R only? or -R?