Should I upgrade my 40125S to ZS0G?

i just recently read in the forum that there were a couple of problems upgrading to the new (un)official f/w. does anyone have any suggestions as to if i should upgrade or wait for the official f/w?

if i do flash with ZS0G can i revert to just ZS0A? if i can, how?


You can just try out for yourself, if you get lucky with ZS0G. I patched it and everything seems to work fine. You can always downgrade back to ZS0A (or whatever you want) with mtkflash.

I didn’t find a serious problem with ZS0G.

It writes lots of c2 error if burning a 10x mitsubishi cd-rw @ 12x and really writes nonsense if you burn 12x-ricoh cd-r at 40x, but these are no serious probs.

It also writes lots of c2 errors on some crap media @ 32x/40x, but since I usually use Taiyo Yuden, I don’t care as to crap media…I just try it to get some test results…