Should I upgrade from a ND-6500A to a ND-6750A

Just wondering if i should upgrade since the price is cheap on newegg for a new ND6750A. honestly there is nothing wrong with this drive, but thought if i can upgrade to the ND 6750A for cheap why not? So what are you guys opinion on this?

Does the 6750 offer anything that you’re missing on the 6500?

not really, but i do prefer to have something better if its not going to cost me that much at all to upgrade, i just want to be back to back up more dvds, since some times the NEC is not able to back certain DVDs i use my other laptop back it up.

so i guess the question is
Is 6750 a better burner than 6500?

You guys are funny, you guys are dragging on the question :iagree:

but ya i guess is it better?

…Orz, not a firmware upgrade.