Should I upgrade firmware?

I have a Lite-On 815S DVD-RW which currently has a max DVD-R burn speed of 4x. I’ve just purchased a pack of 8x Verbatim DataLife Plus DVD-R (Made in India!) and I was wondering whether to just burn at 4x or should I upgrade my firmware and burn at 8x?

The LiteOn 851S can NOT burn DVD-R at 8X.
It is 4X max for DVD-R writing.

Or do you have an 812S ?
Flashing the newest firmware onto your drive is usually always a good idea and will help to ensure that your writer supports as many new media types as possible.

Sorry, what I meant was a hacked firmware which allowed 8x burning.

Why do I keep thinking it’s and 815S I have :confused:

OK, I’ve just read the thread here