Should I update my firmware?

I have been running my liteon 851s@832s using vsob for a while now. I have over 200 cmcmage01 and about 400 ricohjpnr01 (I was plenty happy when the two 100 packs of tdk I just got for 30$ each turned out to be ricohjpnr01 for one and cmcmage01 for the other). Both of these burn beautiful at 8x on my drive. I also have about 300 hundred assorted disks that are ricohjpnr02, yuden000t02, and various maxel and sony media code 4x/8x -r/+r. All of the +r stuff works great. What little of the -r I have used worked fine but I mainly bought the -r to play with on my new nec3500.
What doesn’t work. About 30 cmcmagaf1 (but they burn aceptable on the nec) and 100 generic 1x fry’s disks with a fake sony media code that I just found out burn pretty well on the nec). Also about 20 princos that I could care less about (though They sometimes burn ok on the liteon).
In otherwords, yes, I have become addicted and have taken advantage of all the sales latlly so I have a lifetime supply of media (by the time I run out dvd will probably be obsolete). The majority of this media burns exelent on my liteon and the little bit of crap that I am stuck with that doesnt burn on the liteon, burns on the nec.

I have been reading the forums to see what is new but I mainlly see stratagy swaps to imporve burn quality etc. If the majority of my media burns great with vsob, I’m thinking I should take the don’t fix it if it aint broke approach and leave it the hell alone (I could make things worse). Is there anything new that I have missed in new firmwares or eprom mods that I should take a look at?

I’d just leave it alone for a while.

I take it any new developments pretty much just address improving burning Rather than add function or anything? If so I think you are right, it works fine, why change it if my burns are good with the media I have lots of. Thanks for the advice.