Should I update my 3540A firmware here if I've had no problems the way it was shipped

I bought this drive from NewEgg and have had NO problems. Should I go with the old proverb “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” or should I go on ahead and date the firmware here. Thanks for you help!


by the way, I usually use Verbatims but do sometimes use Maxell, Memorex, Sony, etc and am thinking about maybe even trying some eBay silvertops (Is that asking for trouble?).

Short Answer: YES.
Long Answer: YES. Usually the Firmware updates increase burning speed of your drive sometimes and always adds write strategies for media (like new media or crappy media) and allows it to burn faster or better or both.

If you NEVER buy 16x media, never plan of burning Dual layer media, or even buy really crappy media, it’s still a good idea to update the firmware (if you know how.) If your a below-average user, have someone do it for you :slight_smile:

When NEC releases new firmware for the drive I would recommend updating, since it usually increases the quality of your burns and on rare occasions gives your drive new capabilities (like the 3.04 FW for the 3520 gave this drive PIE/PIF scanning capability).

As for modified firmware: they add features like RPC1 (=regionfree drive), riplock removal, bitsetting and/or overspeeding, which aren’t necessary for getting a good burn, but I find them very handy. On the downside, using modified firmwares does void your warranty, but IMO that’s not much of a problem, since the warranty is only 1 year and I expect my NEC to live longer than that.

If you like to go with a modified firmware, I would recommend to using Liggy & Dee’s 1.W5 FW, which next to having the four previously mentioned features also increases burn quality with some media.

Read the Big NEC F.A.Q. for more info on modified FWs.


If you use Liggys - it will look like stock firmware - IF you need to RMA it - and you will get bitsetting and riplock removed-

You can find it here:

Happy Burnin’


Short answer: NO
Long answer: If you’re not experiencing any concerns, I wouldn’t upgrade.

I do run the bitsetting firmware (but don’t use the capabilities of it). I didn’t upgrade to the firmware with hacked strategies, because I couldn’t care if I save 3 minutes on a burn. So I’m not willing to take any kind of coaster risk with hacked strategies. When it’s been around along enough, I’ll probably upgrade anyway, figuring that the kinks must have been ironed out of it and the risk is low.