Should I up update LG 8240 firmware?

A new firmware (1.08) is posted for my burner. Does anyone know what this firmware fixes? Has anyone updated their LG burner to 1.08? I don’t want to update only to discover that some functionality has been taken away.

I don’t know if this version is better but I’ve never seen functionality being removed by upgrading the firmware.

Isn’t there a description indicating what ‘improvements’ were made in this version? I too have the firmware downloaded, but want to update only if there is some ‘signifcant’ improvement.

I guess unfortunately, there’s no ‘official’ update by LG.

Usually they include a text file describing the changes and/or fixes the firmware addresses but I could not find the info. So I am suspicious of the firmware. To quote someone else “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it”

i want firmware 1.06 for send a garanty

i intall 1.08 and no more burn
plz anyone have this firmware or one page have this


Are you saying that the flashing was not successful? Is the burner completely dead? What OS are you using? Ane which burning program are you using? Check in system properties if the burner is still seen by windows.