Should i uninstall

I have heard with the latest version of 1clickdvdcopy, the copy to dvd is built right in. I have the copy to dvd SE on my desktop. Someone suggested i uninstall both 1 click and copydvd SE, and then install the newest version. Does this make any sense, or should I just keep both programs. Any help would be appreciated.

Are you having any problems ?
What version of 1Click are you presently using ? , right ?

If you posted a session from your CopytoDVD log ( F7 ) ,
I could tell if you have a mismatched folder .

The issue arose when users were installing a different version of CopytoDVD ,
which used a different Patin-couffin version , the burning engine
and this resulted in major problems .

If you are not having trouble
you only loaded the SE version provided on the LG software web site

You should be fine ,
This is only a concern with users with problems from mismatched versions
The version of CopytoDVD SE on the LG site ,
was meant to co-exist with 1Click .

Any Troubles ?


no, I am not having any problems. 1clickdvdcopy works perfectly, and i guess i answered my own question. I just read that somewhere. I’ll leave it alone. thx

You should be ok as long as you download and use only the CopytoDVDSE version from the LG (1Click) site. The folks who have had problems downloaded CopytoDVD and CopytoDVDSE versions directly from VSO that had not been “vetted” for compatability with 1Click.