Should I uninstall the NForce 3 ide drivers

I run my HDD on SATA…ide 1 and 2 have a BenQ 1620 and LTD163 respectively…

I stupidly :confused: installed the NForce 3 ide drivers…now I wonder if I should dump them like I did with Intel app accel

Any thoughts guys??

intel app accel = BAD !!! just say no, to this intel app. only cuases problems.

Dump it.

Give the drivers a try : just do some burning (pref. @12x or @16x) and see how it goes.
I’ve a MSI NForce 3 based mobo and also installed the NForce 3 drivers : no problems with any of my devices.
SATA 1 : WD 74 Rapstor 10k/min
SATA 3 & 4 : 2x WD JD2000 (200GB each, 7200 rpm, 8mb cache)
IDE’s : NEC3500AG
IDE 2 : Plextor PX-712A
IDE 3 : Benq 1640
IDE 4 : LiteON combo 52/32/52 - 16
IEEE :Pioneer 108
LiteON 811s (411 ->811 using EEPron util v2.0.7)

Hi - I tested/reviewed a NFORCE3 Pro 250 motherboard recently: the [latest] NFORCE IDE drivers were OK~ish; but Plextor et al still warn against 'em, & many users have hassles. There are many threads in the NFORCEhq driver forums . . . . .

I found that DVDInfoPro & similar utilities didn’t work through these drivers, & some of the pickier burning s/w didn’t like 'em either - since the default MS drivers work better I stuck with these after a few preliminary tests.

Abit IT7. Install Intel chipset drivers to get all mobos functions okay and skip IAA.
Note. Latest IAA software is only recommended if you run RAID-SATA. :wink:

Abit KR7A. And from what I have seen, nForce IDE drivers only create problems… :slight_smile:

Strange :confused: : I’ve a MSI K8N Neo2 54G mobo (MSI-7025), which is also a NFORCE3 Pro 250 based mobo and installed the NForce drivers since day 1.
Like I said before : no problems at all with any of my devices !! :stuck_out_tongue:
Software I use on a daily basis : DVDInfoPro 3.48, Plextools 2.18, CDSpeed 3.61, Nero 6.6, DVD Indentifier 3.51, DVDDecryptor,
CloneCD, CloneDVD, AnyDVD, CopyToDVD v3.0.0.41, RecordNow Max 4.60, Alcohol 120%, … and have NO problems so far (about 3 months now).

My setup :
AMD 64 4000+ , 2048 MB Corsair PC3200, WinXP SP1
SATA 1 : WD 74 Rapstor 10k/min
SATA 3 & 4 : 2x WD JD2000 (200GB each, 7200 rpm, 8mb cache)
IDE’s : NEC3500AG 2.18
IDE 2 : Plextor PX-712A 1.05
IDE 3 : Benq 1620 (Philips 1640P P2.5 -> Benq 1620 B7T9
IDE 4 : LiteON combo 52/32/52 - 16
IEEE1394 :Pioneer 108 & LiteON 811s (411 ->811 using EEPron util v2.0.7)

Is this something similar to the setup you’ve tested ?
What kind of problems did you encounter ? burnfailers, burning to slow (not 16x). program craches, BSOD, or anything else ?
Didn’t you lose some performance after switching to default MS drivers ? Like HD transferrates, burst reads,… ?
The problems you had make me curieus, because I might still encounter these too … :eek: :eek:

I had nvidia ide sw driver in my nF3 250GB mobo. After putting 1620 in, it would post but windows does not work. I had to uninstall nvidia ide driver. After windows is up, I updated the firware to the latest which corrected the problem with nvidia ide driver. Then I install the ide driver again, and everything worked. So, I think the fw fix is ok.

pat357 - Hi - glad to hear you have no problems: my personal system is all-SCSI [bar the BenQs, which are in external firewire enclosures].

The motherboard reviewed/tested is an Iwill DK8N: tried 3x ATAPI DVD-burners & 3x IDE HDs in it [all, obv, PATA interface]. Used all May 2004~onwards releases of the NFORCE chipset drivers, all in clean installs of both XP Pro SP1 & 2 & Server 2003.

I forgot this ‘important’ detail : i had first to update the Benq to >B7P9 or my it was NOT properly detected on my system. After the flashing from the “bought firmware” (Philips P2.0 or 2.1, I believe it was) to B7P9, everything was OK. :bow:
I guess a lot of people are having problems with the NForce 3 just because they still have a pre-B7P9 firmw in their Benq drives. :cool:

Hmm…I think I will dump the nf3 ide drivers…I wish I would have thought about it more carefully
A64 3200@2600 10x260 3xhtt prime95 stable…so o/c is not issue(my intel setup never could run prime95 for more tha n5min before crashing)

I did some burning today…DVD decrypter took 30 sec longer to burn a 8x@12x CMC MAG AE1 than on my previous intel setup 7min vs 6:30
But Nero 63126 burns same time 8x@12x cmc mag AE1 6:35 min/sec, MCC03 dvd=r 8x@12x 6:45 min/sec

I am using B7T9…

FYI: I dumped the nforce 3 drivers and I have a hdd on sata…this was a bad idea first I burned was screwed up…getting alot high spikes with buffer issues…so I went right back to NForce 3 drivers

Is it not possible only to remove the NForce3 drivers for the PATA controller and leave the SATA, where the HD are, with NForce3 ?
If I would like to switch to standard MS drivers, I would only use the standard MS drivers for PATA and leave the SATA alone.