Should I try again? (5005/5006)

I was thinking about getting a 5005 at a local wholesale club store, but they were out of them.

Then, Radio Shack put the 5006 on sale. With the rebate they also offered, it brought the price down to $149…ten dollars less than the wholesale club’s price for the 5005.

My experience with the 5006 (a likely USED and absolutely defective unit) was bad, as mentioned in another post, and it got returned.

Lo’ and behold, today the wholesale club store had a half dozen 5005’s…for ten dollars less than before.

They’re now matching Radio Shack’s final price.

Now, I know the 5005 has only a mono tuner, whereas the 5006 has a stereo tuner. Since most if not all my recordings would be off an external device anyway, not from the Lite On tuner, this would likely be allright. Also, the 5005 is $149 without ANY hassle involving a rebate.

What do you guys think?

Except for the mono tuner, is the 5005 pretty much the same machine as the 5006? Should I go for it, or try the 5006 again from a different Radio Shack?

See my other note. I’ve had to return 3 of the 5006s and a fourth just failed big time. I loved the features, menu, etc. but the general engineering is horrible.

They must be building more container ships just to take the Lite-On and Apex (had one of those too and a friend is on #3) DVD recorder junk back to China. I’ve never experienced such shoddy engineering in a potentially great product.

My fear is that the 5005 wouldn’t be that different so I would never consider one. Many of these type devices are very similar inside and features and functionality are enhanced by putting an extra chip on a circuit board or bit flipping in the firmware. The days when you could trust a product to work the way it is supposed to seem to have gone into history :frowning:

The only unit I would even consider is the 5045 becuase it has the most clean picture and jiter is for the most part non-existent. I think the problem of the jiter of the 5005 is the dvd drive speed limit of 16X because hard drive is much clearer over all better.

@AFSDMS I have 2 Apex’s (1225 and 2600) that take a licking and keep on ticking and play everything I throw at 'em that they are noted to be capable of playing.

jm1647, I was only talking about Apex DVD recorders. The Apex (9200?) looked like an OK machine for the money but I really wanted to use it to evolve to using DVD-RWs as I would have used VHS tapes. Time shifting and all that. For programs I had set to record I kept getting more and more of the previous show and after 10 days I was loosing the end of the show. Well, after going crazy almost, I found that the Apex clock ran about 2 minutes fast each week. A friend had also bought an Apex but from a different source. He checked his and it was the same.

Many folks get these recorders and the first thing they do for a couple weeks is transfer a lot of older tapes to DVD. I did the same. They don’t even notice that the clock is flawed until it is too late to return the machine.

These were selling around Christmas on Amazon with a $50 rebate. I contacted Amazon long after I should have been able to return it and they said they were making an exception in this case. I got every cent back and they even picked up return shipping. I don’t think I was the first complaint :slight_smile: My guess is that someone at Amazon would like to stuff some boxes down the throat of the Apex folks :slight_smile:

BTW, I did buy an Apex DVD player for my Dad almost two years ago and that has been a fine unit. But DVD recorders take a lot more engineering savvy. I don’t think Apex has the talent and certainly not the QA from what I’ve seen. Too bad.

AFSDMS - I agree with ya about the dvd recorders and the engineering savy, seems most manufacturers are working out the bugs. I missed the recorder part for the Apex. I was not aware they made one.