Should i take this dvd burner back

its a lite on 401s dvd + first im scared that i got a format that will be obsolete.second and even worst is i did that test that see how many sheep ya burner is i was only able to do the sheep 1 and sheep 2 test.i failed the one that said bad and sheep 3. i know im a total newbie.and im very lost.but thank you for any advice.ive never even had a dvd player before much less a burner.

If you’re not happy,take it back. That burner is very good,but don’t keep it if you
think it’s not the one. But before you take it back,run tests based on what you read
here. When I got my burner (almost a year ago) ,I was frustrated because I could’nt make a dvd to save my life,and now I can advise new guys like you. My advice: TAKE YOUR TIME,something as good as this can’t be completed in one day. Read about your burner to find out what software works with it,etc,etc. Learn to burn…Good Luck…:cool:

ill try least it was in my price range stuff cost more in this town.and i have no creddit card to buy online.i have no movies to test copying em yet.

I own this drive, too. As far as I can say for now: it really rocks for me. It’s very fast and it produced no coasters at all and even with different media types! The CD-R/RW speeds are outstanding. Only the new 8x Plextor (muuuuch more bucks to spend for) is able to burn at those speeds. Oh, I nearly forgot: it is the most silent drive I ever had! I’m completely satisfied with this excellent piece of hardware.

Just read this review, if your not convinced :bigsmile:

As for the medi format war: none will perish in the lifecycle of your drive. They sold too many drives for both formats and even the multiformat drives requiere media to be fed with. Additionally, both alliances produce and still develop their product.

good review i feeler safer now.i bought it late at walmart and a tad drunk lol.i forget what i even went to walmart for.and like i said stuff is expensive in this when i saw a dvd burner for 149.i bought it.but was a little nervess.but at least it is replaceing a sony cdrw burner that only burns at 8x.bad thing is thogh if i have a credit card bet i could find a burner for around 99 bucks

Tankred,great review,and good link,I also wanted the Plextor,but I like DVD-R better
because it works in all my machines…:cool:

hey if i burn a cd with this burner will it play in a home style dvd player ya hook to tv?it will be a new player since i dont have one yet

Yes it will provided that the home unit you get will read dvd-r, dvd-rw, dvd+r, dvd+rw, or one or the other. I got my hme unit at Circuit City, Sony, and it will read all formats. You need to read the box on the home unit and see if it is capable of reading those formats.


do not read the box goto it has all the format the dvd players will read!

the box sometiems does not tell you want the player can really do

Hey siliconsoul, thanks for the link…

The only reason that I bought the Sony was because I just purchased a LiteOn 401S drive and it only burns DVD+R media. On the box it stated that it reads DVD+R/RW, DVD-R/RW ect… Thats why I stated to look on the box. I did not know about this site. So thanks for the link, and you can bet that I will pass that link on to others…