Should I Switch To Satellite HDDVR

I currently use comcast for my HD service. I have had problems with the Motorola DVR they supply, mostly picture freeze up and sound freeze up only on the HD channels and recordings.
Comcast has switched out DVR boxes at least a dozen times, quickly and at no cost to me.
Comcast said that HDDVR’s are fragile and can have many hard drive issues develope.
I have myself considering a switch to satellite (Dish), but I am afraid I will just have the same type of problems with the HDDVR that Dish will supply. If I do, I fear the replacement will not be as easy or without cost.
Comcast has been to my house many times at no cost, satellite wants service charges.
So, can anyone advise if they have had problems with the Dish HDDVR, what happens if you need a new one, would you change to satellite for HD at all or just keep Comcast?
Is satellite for HD a better option than cable with Comcast.

There’s a long list of reasons to choose satellite over Comcast, this may be just one of them.

It’s true that ALL HD satellite and cable boxes have issues, many are related to the use of the HDMI connects. I’ve used 2 different models of the Dish HD-DVRs, and have seen a variety of little bugs and annoyances, but nothing like what you describe.

Sat boxes are all leased, and also have warranties. Typically, they express-ship a replacement, and give you a credit when they receive the old one. (winds up being no charge) There’s no reason for a service call for a defective box, you just swap them.

The most compeling reason to switch from cable to Dish is the overwhelming difference in available HD content.

Since you’ve had numerous problems, suggest you look at cooling for the box. These things are VERY hot and should not be in a case or stacked with other components.

The most common complaints on the sat HD systems is audio drop-outs. Both systems have them, but mostly it’s rare.

I just got Dish Network and the HD with HD-DVRs and have been using it now for over 6 months with no issues! And from what I have seen they have much better hardware and technology in theres then DirectTV. My boytoy was a installer/tech for Direct and agree’s Dish Networks equipment rocks over the other. Plus there package prices are better as well! At least as advertised and from what I got. DirectTV could not match, I know I called and asked! They tried to offer all kinds of discounts for me to go to them but still did not add up.
Luvs Jenni