Should I Swap my DW1620?



I’ve had a DW1620 for a couple of weeks now and I haven’t burned a great deal of discs with it (mostly using it for scanning), but it’s been pretty good at 8x and 12x with the few discs I’ve burned with it. I have ran QScan on a few discs that I’m expecting to be able to write at high speeds, but QScan is reporting that the discs aren’t good for the specific over speeding I am trying.
The media I have tried (and I have tried several discs) are genuine MKM001 (Verbatim DL media), genuine TYG02, and TYG03. I’ve scanned the MKM001 discs at 4x from three different batches, and all three discs have received a ‘fail’ on that speed. I tried a couple of TYG02’s at 16x and TYG03’s at 16x and all failed as well. Now, I’m not the type of person to over speed my media so much, but not being able to do it sorta puts this dissappointed feeling in the back of my mind… I am running B7V9 on a retail DW1620 Pro built in Dec of 2004, do you guys think I should swap the drive, I purchased it from a place that would give me no hassle in swapping it, the only real annoyance would be removing it from my system (even though that’s simple too). I have the drive set as a slave on my system as my Pioneer DVR-109 is the master on the same channel. PSU is not an issue as I have an Antec TrueBlue 480W. Thanks for any opinions/help provided.


The latest theory/rumor/info from BenQ is that these drives are bad and prone to failure. There is a lot of anecdotal evidence for this as well as a number of resellers reporting huge numbers of returns. Mine died (same DOM as yours) and others have reported multiple dead drives. Drives from Oct. 2004 to Jan 2005 seem to be bad.

If you can get a manu. date closer to April you have a better chance. If I were you I would change brands. NEC 3520 is a good choice.


You can not rely on QScan at all. Use the forum search to find a lot of bad QScans leading to perfect burns.


Agree with ala42. @Eluder, run CDSpeed Quality Scan and Read Transfer Rate to see if your burn are within limits.

@chas: he’s running QScan (FE/TE test) which only “indicates” if a media can be written at a particular speed with good or bad quality. The result is more related to the particular media rather than the drive.


I was making my suggestions based on the drive and DOM and the ease of returning. I agree that QScan is not good. I guess all I have read clouded my judgement. Even so, with no problems and all I have read and experienced, if I had a merchant willing to allow an exchange, I would do it in a heartbeat.

You are right though. That is not his problem.


It has been my experience that everybody has a different experience with the same hardware, no matter what it is. Give 10 identical computers to 10 people and they will tell you 10 different opinions as to how well the computer performed.

Yes, I realize that if there seems to be a large number of defective parts on the market of a particular make or model then chances are that it has a higher defective per unit rate. But don’t forget that people are also modding their drives, cross flashing their firmware and other things that the manufacturer does not recommend doing.

Then there’s my personal favorite which probably includes a higher percentage than most people think, user error. There are so many variable when it comes to computers and why this one works better than that or is faster or slower, etc., etc., that systems that are built at the same time, using the exact same hardware and assembled by the exact same person won’t perform exactly the same. One system will be faster, one might have more problems/issues, etc.

I doubt that the majority of the people here are computer experts, most are probably like me who have a fair amount of knowledge of computers and hardware and are looking for advice or direction about a piece of computer equipment that they haven’t learned about yet or are here to share the knowledge that they do have.

In no way am I trying to put anyone down so please do not take this wrong. I have found the advice and help on this forum most helpful and invaluable. Just keep in mind that for a lot of things there really isn’t a solid yes or no answer, it’s based upon your personal experience.

I am very pleased with my OEM 1620 which I purchased in December. I am using the Dangers Brothers RPC-1 retail B7V9 firmware that was modded to add ala42’s MCSE (thanks ala.)


Well I was at one of the stores on Sunday, and I saw they had a unit built in March of 2005, this is a huge chain that I bought it from (Best Buy’s subsidiary here in Canada) so there will be many locations for me to go to and eventually find a unit built in April or around then. Regarding computers, I’m definitely not a novice, I work in the industry as a tech, been into computers for I dunno how long now, and I build my own PC all the time, so I’m very familiar with hardware and OS’es… hell I’m an MCP. :wink:

But as cereal said, I’m just looking for advice from those that have used the DW1620 for some time now.

zevia and ala, so I guess I should try a test burn with one of my TYG03’s at 16x with the BenQ and see what happens? I guess I’ll do that when I get home from the office tonight. Just need to find something worth burning onto one of those discs.