Should I store dairy products in my refrigerator?

Is it a good idea?

No. You are new elected pope. Ask to your sacristan to do it :bigsmile:

Not if you’re lactose-intolerant. :slight_smile:

dairy products last much much longer when refrigerated. But for a definative answer your food product should say on its lable as to whether it needs to be kept refrigerated.

Theres nothing worse that going to have breakfast cereal and finding somone has left the milk out and its got warm and started to go off.

Then you can have you cereal just like your peanut butter … “chunky” … mmm, dat’s-a-gouda!!

What about my UPS :wink:

Your Uninterruptible Peanut-butter Supply? Yes, that belongs in the fridge.

Otherwise, no need for such appliances within the next six months, if you have a climate like Sweden :wink:

Best acronym ever! And as for the climate, today was dark maaan! And rainy. Normality has been restored.

get yourself a cow :stuck_out_tongue: and no I don’t mean a girlfriend :slight_smile:

What about a girlfriend-heifer?

or a heifer-girlfriend. hmm where would you store the cheese?

Yeast and cheese should be stored in the refrigerator, rather than in my heifer-girlfriend.

Pssst if you dont know what a heifer is, its a virgin cow

you could stick some ice in the cracks and that would act as a refrigerator maybe

only stuff containing alchohol :wink:

is this one big enough for your dairy products? maybe she could find the nuts in your carrot cake too. More

Can she make peanut butter?

probably it looks like she could crush an atom

Hm. That reminds me… I left some milk in refrigerator at another place. Not sure if I’m going back there in 1 month or 2 month… worse thing’s that there’re some things left outside refrigerator. It was already a little over 7 PM and had to get on the nearest taxi. (1 AM when I arrived here.) :frowning:

only mothermilk… :wink:

Crazy sweeds … :stuck_out_tongue:

Just keep the cow in the fridge :slight_smile: