Should I stop buying re-recordables?

I ask because I’ve got to the stage where I must have well over 100 DVD-RWs which are stockpiled with XviDs of TV series that I either missed or haven’t caught up with from years back.

My original reasoning was get re-recordables because these tv shows are things I’d probably watch the once and then when I’ve seen the whole disc, scrub and re-use. But I now question that decision on two counts…one, I have so much of a viewing backlog, a lot of the discs will be lying around for some time not being re-used. And that leads on to two, the price of high quality write once media has dropped (TY’s for less than 20p) while re-recordables has, by and large, not.

Therefore now with a write once Verb TY being a third of the price of a Verb DVD-RW, I’m wondering should I now stop repeatedly buying DVD-RWs.

I’m aware some people never use re-recordables but I’m interested in all views.

Well, I think you lost the point of RW media. Have you even RW any of them or did you just burn them once?

I’d say it’s not worth it at all, considering you’re treating them like write once media :stuck_out_tongue:

Quite a few but not many in proportion to the total amount. As I said the stuff that’s on them is not what I would want to keep after one watch, hence my media choice. Thinking about it another reason I went that route was it seemed almost a waste to use write once media as ‘disposables’. But then that was when they were higher in price.