Should I still have to get latest drivers for Geforce2 MX and TNT2

While its good Nvidia still make updates to its Geforce series graphics card. I just don’t believe there’s any improvement for older cards like Geforce2 MX (or TNT2, since I owned one too)

Since I’m still using Win98se, so which driver ver is right for Geforce2 MX and TNT2

There are indeed no real performance improvements when running older cards with newer drivers. The only thing you could gain from that is the elimination of a certain bug or some more functionality (e.g. when used in a dual desktop setup).

Newer NVidia drivers can also cause problems on older cards though. In some cases, the drivers prevent the system from playing DVD Video, or sometimes even lower the framerates.

If everything’s working fine now, you’re not in need for a set of new drivers and your drivers aren’t that old (not over 2 years), I think there’s little point in upgrading…