Should I stick with 8x media?

I’ve got a Nec ND-2500A drive in my computer and a Samsung HR-730 dvd-recorder with harddrive connected to my tv.

Well as you know the nec isn’t fast. and neither is the samsung dvd-recorder who probably takes 30 minutes to burn a disc from the built in harddrive to a dvd-r disc.

Should I stick with 8x media to this? Would that be better than using 16x media? I will be using the samsung dvd-recorder much more of the two, and mostly copying old movies and tv-series and store them on dvd-r discs so I need a blank media that will last.

Can’t speak for the Samsung but for the ND2500 I think that providing you use up-to-date firmware you should be OK for decent 16x media like Verbatim.

The NEC will probably burn these as well at 8x as any 16x burner. Of course if you can find 8x Taiyo Yuden (preferrably +R ) then you’ll be well set (on both).

the samsung only takes -r media so i need to stick with that, thanks.

A) update your firmware if you haven’t already, as it will better support newer media. I’d probably try Liggy and Dee’s modified 2.19 for the 2510 as it uses the most current write strategies, supporting more 16x media. 8x is generally going to be better for your burner, but there will be some 16x media that will work fine as well.

B) if you need good -R media for a cheap price, consider buying some of the TY ‘Value Line’ discs, there’s a thread in the Bargain Basement forum and you can buy them for only $17 shipped right now. You’ll get either TYG02 (8x) or TYG03 (16x). Verbatim’s 8x -R media is generally very good as well.

Try both x16 and x8 and compare the error levels. I think x16 should do at x8 just as well.