Should i start buying dvd+ media

i have a new 1633s dvd burner and from what i read everyone is using dvd+ media. should i get in the habit of using dvd+r media instead of dvd-r.

also i backup my ps2 games and it doesnt play dvd+r media, but i hear tha t if you change the bitsettign to dvd-rom it works flawlessly?

any imput?


I do not own a PS2, so I cannot help you there. I do own a 1213 flashed to a 1633, and I am very happy with it. It burns RICOHJPNR01 4x DVD+R media at 8x, and does a VERY nice job of burning.

Yes! Buy the RicohJPNR01’s. I have been getting great results with my 1213s@1633s.


I was -R fan a long time. Now I only use +r
Why? Well, i have almost never media issues with +r. The most crappy +r media still work in my dvd player, but -R media is more picky.

I even use +r on my ps2, without using bitsetting but i have a v7 model (2 yrs old)

There is no reason not to use +R media. With bitsetting it is just as compatible as -R, if not more so.

I managed to bitset one DVD+R out of 4 Fuji DVD+Rs using KProbe (Lite-on’s Book Type routine didn’t seem to work). When I tried to burn the disk I was able to bitset, my authoring/burning software (DVD-Lab) said the disk had already been used. I have alot of videos I’m trying to deliver on a DVD+R bitset to DVD-ROM to hopefully avoid any returns due to player incompatibility. Any thoughts?

wheres a good place to buy ricoh dvd media? i havent been able to find a place where i can get those. Any online stores? Let me know


When I burn with my Lite-On, I’m forced to use DVD+R, but when I use other burners I stick to DVD-R…