Should I select all ANGLES in DVD2One?


Some movies have more than one angle to select in DVD2One. Should I select all of the angles or none when backing up a movie.


102 Dalmations
Ripped the movie with SmartRipper
DVD2One 1.1.1 had angle’s 1, 2, and 3

Also do I loose quality if I select AC3 6 channel and DTS 6 channel sound tracks on a movie?

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Owe, I’m not even sure if I can select more than one angle. I asked the question because of a thread I read about sound skipping if angles are not copied in smartripper.

Thanks, Mike

You have to select one angle, usualy default Angle 1, and you can only have one angle, if there are several angle choices, pick one.


Cool, thanks, that’s what I figured, just wanted to find out.


…unless you back up the whole disc instead of just the main movie.