Should i see a doctor for my.....thing

see my father passed away when i was a little child, so i never knew that i had to um…wash my…you know. after my father died, my grama attempted to wash it for me, but the moment she open the outer skin and touch the interior, i begin to cry, because it hurts, it hurts so very…very…much. i was 3 years old.

from then on i refuse to wash it, since a slight touch on the interior feels like somone ripping my skin off my whole body or someone jabs a knife into me then pulls it out and jabs it in to me, IT"S THAT PAINFUL, it’s that excruciating.

by the time i was 12 years old i find a way to open it by myself without having the interior making contact with anything thus no pain…but i only manage to get to half way, becasue the other half is…stuck.

stuck as in, i pull on it, and it won’t…peel, it’s like i perma glue a poster to a wall. and evrytime i tried touching the interior, it still hutrts, even though it’s already been 10 years, it still hurts inside.

i never talked to anyone because i have noone left anyways, but soon, it began to itch, and not long after there were pimples on the outer skin, then the itching got worst and it was so bad that i couldn’t sleep. but i ignored the problem up until this day, it still hurts when i touch the interior, i wash it all the time and i still can’t get to the other half, the itching is bad, as always, and the pimple like stuff has already spread throughout the other skin, i still don’t want to see a doctor, because i’m scared that he might…well…take it off.

on the other hand i know if i don’t go to him then in the future the whole thing might really need to come off, but i’m so scared! here are my worries:

1: i know i need an operation to remove the other skin, and i know they’ll put that thing on my nose and drug me to sleep, i’ve seen some documentrys where ppl never woke up form the drug effect and slept for 30 years or more, and there was a case where too much oxygen was put into the sleeping drug and the patient was STILL half-awake when the doctor cut her open and she said she could feel everything! then there was the case where the patient took a sniff and he got knock out instantly, he never woke up and soon died. T_T i’m scared, i don’t want all that to happen to me! i don’t want an operation but i know i need one but i don’t want to die!

2: since the interior hurts, and still does even after 20 years, heck one of the main reasons why i refuse to wash it before was because that it hurts whenever the interior is touched and it hurts so bad that screaming is not enough to calm the pain, so even if i manage to find the guts to do the operation to remove the outer skin, when the operation is finish i’ll have another thing to deal with; when the outer skin is gone, wouldn’t…the interior…basically just come in contact with everything? and then wouldn’t that hurt like hell? all life long?

i’m sure when the surgeons operate on it i’ll be sound asleep and it wouldn’t hurt, but when i wake up then what? without the outer skin, wearing boxers could hurt me to death, this is also another reason why i don’t want to do an operation.

first of all, thank you for reading this, you might think i’m joking but i’m not, the reson why i ask you insted of a qualified doctor is because the doctor i know is a dear friend of my gramma and he already heard about what i’m going though and actually paid a visit to my home recently, he ask me about it and when i tried to run away he grabbed me and refuses to let me go, but i broke free and i never went to see him ever again, nor had i seen any other doctor.

moderators please don’t remove this, i really need everyone’s advice, i’ve waited for 20 years and i’m still contending weather to do the operation or not, due to the 2 main reasons i describe above. please don’t remove this thread i beg of you! i only want ppl’s advice on this since i don’t have anyone else to talk to about this, my father is gone, and i have noone left. if i can’t get any replies here then there’s noone else i can to turn to, i don’t want to do the opreation, but i don’t want IT to get any worst and i have heard some ppl went on with their life with the same problem and they’re ok, so i want to know, the truth i’ve been seeking for 20 years; is it alright if i just leave it as it is? and what about 2 of my worries above?

thank you so much for reading this, please give me your best advice, encouragements are welcome too, i know in the end i will be the one resopnsible for making the critical decision, i won’t blame any of you or held anyone here respondsible for anything, you kind advice is everything i need. thank you for your kind and generous help.

thank you, thank you.

you MUST see a doctor ASAP !!! And i guess you will need a psychiatrist and a girlfriend too. You got serious issues man, there’s probably an infection and if you do not take care of it, it is possible that they will have to amputate the whole thing, or even worse…

I had similar problem (the outer skin not coming off fully) when i was 10 or twelwe. But i was washing it everyday and i was trying to pull it down further until it came off totally. Make sure you pull it of as far as possible when you’re urinating to avoid further infection.

i know they’ll put that thing on my nose and drug me to sleep, i’ve seen some documentrys where ppl never woke up

You worry too much. People are operated every day with much more serious things (like heart transplantations). The probability that you won’t wake up from the aneshesia is very low. Also it is possible that an operation won’t be needed at all, but you have to see a doctor.

when the outer skin is gone, wouldn’t…the interior…basically just come in contact with everything? and then wouldn’t that hurt like hell? all life long

No, the “interior” will get less sensitive after time. Ever heard about circumcision ? I don’t think they feel unbearable pain whole life long…

Listen to my advice: see a doctor, go to the operation if neccessery, then move away from your grandmother and find some friends.

since it’s in the entertainment section, i’d say cut whatever it is off with a grinder, problem solved :bigsmile:

As long as the surgery isn’t done in rainy or lightning weather you could safely assume it’s gonna work out ok. :bigsmile:

but i’m scared! but it’s worst if i waited any longer right? i’m 21 btw

No, the “interior” will get less sensitive after time. Ever heard about circumcision ? I don’t think they feel unbearable pain whole life long…

so the pain will gradually go away? and yes i did try pulling it but it’s not coming off…

I had mine done in the desert in Africa, by a witch-doctor when I was 30, with no medical extras.

(I could show you the pictures but it sure as hell won´t help you)

BTW…everything still works.

i found this in wiki

complications resulting from poorly carried out circumcisions, post-operative bleeding, and infection can be catastrophic

Gairdner’s 1949 study reported that during the 1940s an average of 16 children per year, out of an estimated 90,000, died following circumcision in the UK. He found that most deaths had occurred suddenly under anaesthesia and could not be explained further, but hemorrhage and infection had also proven fatal

NO I WON"T DO IT no maybe it’s safer if i lose it insted atleast i won’t die T_T

You’re right, i’m sure the medicine didn’t progress since 1940 :confused:

instead of reading shit in wikipedia you should be at the doctor now

molnart i have a question for you, look at this

The natural separation of the foreskin from the glans may take many years. After puberty, the adult male learns to retract the foreskin and cleanse under it on a daily basis.

um you were able to wash yours when you were a child right?

ok i will call doc and ask him about it, and maybe apoligize too for what i did the other day, anyways he’s a good doc and i guess it wouldn’t hurt to ask him about it, yeah i’ll just…ask…yes i’ll do that.

i live in hong kong and we have ok docs here i guess…


Everyone here understands that you are afraid/scared. I know I would be. The bottom line is you MUST see someone regarding this (preferably a MD). It sounds like you are on the road to doing so.

If for some reason you are unable to see him/her anytime very soon. You can use the home remedy for an infection. DO NOT however do this if your penis foreskin or the Glans Penis epidermis is dry and flakey. Dry, flakey, irritable, itchy skin could be dermatitis (eczema) and the following remedy would only make your skin worst.

Assuming that it is a bacterial or fungal infection you can immerse your penis in a high % alcohol solution. Anything more that 50% is bad for you skin so Vodka and Gin which are usually ~40% should be ideal.

Don’t worry too much about seeing the Doc. It’s usually not as bad as you imagine it.

Shouldn’t that be applied oral?

No you’re not, you’re just hugely embarrased. Get over it and get well.

I cannot believe i’m reading this :eek: You should have takin’ care of this along time ago.

Debro what do you think? :doh:

oh wow i think i’m going to try that first, well minus the alcohol since volka is expensive here, but the remedy you mention, last time when my doctor was here, after he tried grabbing me and i ran away and stuff, my gramma told me he left a medicine beind. it’s like face cream but i have to…um…get it inside the skin…so…is this the same as the remedy you mention? if it’s not then please tell me the name i can go get it at the drug store, thank you.

ever since these pimple like stuff began growing and spreading in the outer skin i’ve been washing it with ALOT OF SOUP, since that’s all i could do anyways, i know it’s bad, and i already contact doc last night but his wife saids he went to canada a few months ago after he visited me and she siad he won’t be back for atleast 3 to 4 months, though she said she’ll called him and talk to him about it and i should get a reply today…so…

i’ll see what i can do with the alcohol, though the volka here is from china and it’s cheap and the alcohol lvl will problely be high so…i’m considering gin so what brand should i get?

again, thank you all for your kind and generous help, and thank you for not removing this thread, thank you all! thank you all for your kind help, thank you! :iagree:

I’ve moved it to the main LR though, coolaid, as it’s not “Entertainment Talk” :wink:

BTW, good luck! :slight_smile:

Come on Arachne tell him how to fix it. With a hammer right?

Sorry coolaid i was just kidding.

i can’t say I have the proper anatomy to offer any immediate advice, but I don’t think you should wait a few weeks for your doctor friend to get back.

can’t you go to an emergency room? doctors have people dropping their pants in front of them daily. It’s nothing to be embarrassed about, they see weirder and grosser stuff every day, and it sounds like you really need to get some help and FAST.


If y’all read the OP’s other threads - you would know that we are not dealing with someone with a full deck-

Y’all can feed their need for attention - if you want - not me-eh!!

Exactly right

hey be sensitive hes not washed his thing since he was 3!!! :bigsmile: