Should I save all the files or just the main movie?

I ask this question because the program (1.1.1) now asks about what you want to copy the movie only or full movie now as if it is expecting the whole movie for this question. The question would be redundant if the movie only was available. I have got quite a few decryption errors lately and I was wondering if it was because I did not save the full movie and then choose movie only.


I made the following experience: If the whole DVD has less than 6,5 GB you can use Full Disk Copy Mode. If it is larger you should use Movie only method, otherwise you will have significant quality loss. If the movie itself, including your desired audio tracks, is larger than 6,5 GB you shouldn’t use dvd2one at all. I use dvd2dvdr in that case.


If you just want the main movie, just rip the main movie .ifo and .vobs in Dvd Decrypter and chose movie only, in DVD20ne.

If you are getting problems ripping (decrypting), it is nothing to do with Dvd20ne, it may be your original disk is dirty. Try cleaning it with a damp, soft tissue, working from the centre outwards.