Should I RMA?



Last night I was moving my DVR-110D from an external enclosure back in my PC to flash to v1.17 and before I plugged her into the IDE connector I noticed that I had accidentally bent one of the IDE pins. :doh: Now I bent it back into place (stiff as hell those suckers are) and the drive appears to work fine, but basically wondering should I be worried that this may have damaged my drive? Should I RMA the unit, or since it’s properly detected, successfully flashed, able to burn, mean that the unit is fine? I’m paranoid and never actually bent a pin out of place on any of my IDE devicse before, so just wondering if I should do anything. Thanks.


I’ve done that before, and once it was bent back never had a problem with the device. if it is working 100% now then it should be ok IMO.


Thanks for the opinion. Anyone out there actually have an issue after setting the pin back in place?


Here’s another opinion. If you bent the pin the manufacturer should not be responsible for your clumsiness. Use it till it fails, if ever, then actually buy another and treat it gently when installing.
You did ask.


Thanks for your opinion, just next time try to be less condescending. How do you know I wasn’t gentle with the unit? In my 10 years as a tech I’ve not once ‘clumsily’ damaged any piece of hardware until last night. So please, next time be a little more considerate and provide an opinion that is useful. Thank you.


Clearly you weren’t gentle enough. YOU bent it. Sorry if I offended you but I don’t believe the manufacturer owes you a new unit.


Fine, that’s your view on the matter…

Still doesn’t answer my original question though - and I don’t feel you will be able to provide any valid answers anymore, so I’d appreciate if you no longer criticize me…


:iagree: exactly what i thought when i read the 1st post in this thread. Like flashing with non-official firmware and rendering your drive unusable. Buy another don’t RMA it.


I bent more than my share of pins in the old days before they were notched and shrouded and I never had any problems when they bent back. Fear not.


Thanks chas, that’s all I needed to hear… seems some folks here are a lil uptight. :disagree:


Any time. I used to be paranoid about those as well and long ago stopped worrying about hidden problems that never arose. Bent VGA pins were the most anxiety producing.

Now SATA is another matter entirely. A slight bump and the drives are toast; expensive heavy toast.


You name it - THAT can be tricky.

At least the drive works as before. So, no sweat. :wink:


Now SATA is another matter entirely. A slight bump and the drives are toast; expensive heavy toast.

Why would Sata drives be more fragile than IDE drives?

As for bent pins on IDE connectors, in my years working on business computer systems I’ve done it several times. It can be difficult to reach round the back of the unit and know for certain that the cable end is properly seating into the Hard drive connector or isn’t off to one side, about to bend the end pins away. Experienced techs know this, those who have NOT had much experience with computers night think it’s carelessness, until they do it themselves…

No, the pin having been bent back and forth (once) won’t compromise the operation or condition of the Burner in any way whatsoever.


I think you answered your own question. If it’s working fine, it most likely will continue to do so. Not trying to be a wise guy, here. I had the horrible experience a few years back of dropping a brand new AMD Athlon XP CPU while I was struggling to open the plastic clam shell packaging. A triangle shaped area of pins on one corner all got bent. I straightened them out with great care, installed the CPU and mounted the HS/fan, and it’s been running for almost 4 years. If I were you I wouldn’t sweat it.


You bent a pin and you want to RMA it? You’ve got to be kidding!
I ran over my DVD-RW with the car, can I RMA that?

You bent it, you fix it!



Careful, Kev, Eluder is very sensitive. I told him the same thing and he called me “condescending”.
He’s a very delicate soul. He just wants Pioneer to pay for his “once in a lifetime” pin-bending and pass the costs along to all the other customers.
Like you and I who buy a new one when we break the old one.


I agree, if you break something you cant really RMA it, unless for example the product was unfit for its purpose. For example if there was a drive with the pin allready barely attached and it came off when trying to attach it you may be entitled to RMA because the pin wasnt fixed properly in the first place.

I would assume that if the pin was roughly in the same place, and slotted in properly it would be making full electrical contact meaning it would still work perfectly and perform no different to one without a bent pin. I would just forget RMAing it, and carry on using it, but avoid removing the cable from it unless you really need to as the pin may be fragile and could break/come off.



Thanks to those that answered my question w/o an all-mighty attitude. I appreciate the constructive feedback. To the rest that like to stir stuff up … :clap:


If the drive is being detected and it is working fine, I do not understand your problem. Unless you bend it again and break it I would be happy I have a working unit. I didn’t bend anything and my drive doesn’t work properly but I still thought twice about going through all the trouble of an RMA.


Well as I stated, I am just paranoid about it - and the RMA would be right back to the store as it’s been less than a week since I’ve had the unit. The whole point of this thread was really to ask if anyone that’s bent the pins before on any drives had issues after bending it back into place. I should have worded the thread title different such as “Should I Be Worried?”, but ahh well, no biggie.