Should I RMA my BenQ1640?

Don’t know what’s wrong. Today, I couldn’t get my freaking drive to open. Hit the open button, it wouldn’t open. Went to My Computer, hit eject icon, drive won’t open.

Restarted comp twice, finally the drive opens now when i hit the eject button.

Problem is before, when the drive opens, it opened and closed smooth and slowly. Now, the freaking thing opens and closes incredibly fast.

Anyone know what’s wrong?

BTW the drive still reads and writes ok.

Only reason I can think is that a software may have locked it and must be still running in the background. Most software which access the drive (EAC, Nero etc) will lock it when reading/writing. If it works fine now, I dont think there should be any problem using it.

My guess is you have the burner installed in a HAL 9000, correct? First, using the voice activation method, try repeating “Open the drive bay, HAL” several times. If this doesn’t work, CAREFULLY remove all the memory modules and then you can extract the drive.
Hope this helps.

Ill have what steven2874 is on

This was a common sign of sudden death with the 1620s. So far the 1640 did not seem to inherit these problems, but a few are starting to drop. You may have an RMA in your future. I had three before I got a 1620 that worked.

ROFL :bigsmile:

Download ImgBurn or DVD Decrypter — go to Tools —) Drive —) Unlock Tray. Now press eject on the drive.

interesting to see that i’m not the only one with the problem. I never took my drive back, the eject issue will occur every now and then, but the drive seems to be functioning fine otherwise (touch wood).

I recommend you return/replace the drive asap. I can’t be bothered personally as i don’t want to be without it lol. I have a 2 yr warranty on my drive (retail model) so if it does break down i will get it exchanged :slight_smile:

edit: i might add. when the tray won’t eject, i will tap on the front of the tray (sometimes relatively hard) and then the tray will eventually eject.

I’d put the drive into another machine and see if your Windows is guilty… I’ve had more software failures than bad DVD burners, it’s probably the software to blame for locking.

Like i said, nothing to do with software. It will happen when you don’t even use a burning program, or access the drive at all. It happens randomly, and when it does lock up (which is always brief for me) the tray will start ejecting at non-standard speeds.

To further proove it isn’t software:
When there’s a disc in the drive the LED is on. When you press eject, the LED will turn off in preperation for the tray to eject. I’ve pressed the tray to eject / ejected from software and the LED turns off, but the tray remains closed. I then have to TAP the front of the drive and it dislodges, ejecting at super fast speed. Then the drive will continue to eject/close at abnormal speeds for any random amount of time. Can be hours or less. Until the next time this freak occurence will happen, which is again random.

You’ve described a mechanical failure. If it’s under warranty, RMA it.
I’d take mine apart & fix it if she did that, but an RMA works too :slight_smile: