Should I return my A09 and get an A08?

Last time I was browsing through posts,
I got the impression that the A08 was actually better than the A09.
I’ve been MIA for a while and I’m wondering if that still holds true.
I jumped on the A09 quickly because I got a really nice deal on it.
So what should I do?

Using latest FW with both burners, A08 is NOT better than A09. Keep it.

Overall i prefered my 108 with hacked FW, but is swapped out few weeks ago and wish i hadn’t, YET but later on.

But if you actually bought the 109 and never replaced a 108, NO i would keep it as it will end up far better with later FW’s.

108’s hacked firmware gives you the chance to burn 4x media @ 8x even @ 12x with good results; also it seems to read better faulty media; overall not a bad unit. And Erdoke, not always latest firmware is the best one you can use!

I only did overspeed 8x media to 16x and then it was only good media i choose as i had 0 issue playing it back on any players.

I wouldnt risk my date on cheaper media or 4x at 12x.

But burning slower is better quality than faster! I.e 4x over 16x


Where did you read that crap, in google cache like 4 years old, get out stoneage

Who is gonna buy a 16x writer to do 4x, fact is modern days writing slow causes more distortion to the media due to prolonged heat, so if you got a 16x writer and you use proper 16x media you will have good burns, obv writer/media/FW’s and burning software all can vary.

There is lots of post of this total missinfo here, i burn my dvds at 16x ideally (stuck at 8x on 109 till i get 16x media) and my cdr at 52x and cdrw at 32x in my teac combo.

Yeah, that’s a wrong conclusion. Maybe it counts for “overspeeding” but not in general. :wink:

Poll choice #3, should I update my A09 firmare to 1.40 ?


Yes and why not do something of your on head for once, and yes you have my permission to got to the toliet :slight_smile:

Flash it to 109 with that noobproof method, look in threads i not gonna look for u.

Why would you flash it to a 109? thats just stupid~! He has a A09 Retail version. Riplock is removed with quiet drive. If you flash to 109 he loses it…

Because i didnt read it correctly i though he had 109 LOL