Should I Return My 1610?

ok most of you must have read that i bought a DW1610. Now it has given me about 4 coasters.

3-CD-RW 40x Memorex
1-DVD+R Philips 4X

I have done about 15 burns in total. before this burner i had a NEC1100. i dont think i got a coaster with that baby so maybe i was just expeting more. I am thinking maybe i got a defective burner. So i was thinking about return it for another one. I also got the OEM version cause basickly i have nero.

Another note is i have been reading here peeps complaining that Nero6603 was giving them problems burning. Has anyone had any similar problems or should i just return this!!!

First, verify that you have installed the drive with an 80 wire cable on a virus-free system. Next, visit for the latest official firmware. If you continue to have trouble, then you should exchange the drive. The 1610 is usually an excellent burner. However, manufacturing variances and shipping damage can affect even the best products.

thanks… how can i check which firmware i have on now?



I just realized something and maybe someone here knows the answer. I just noticed that the last 2 cd-r that faild i had already writen with a permanenet marker a label. Well not really a label cause i wrote directly on the disk but could it be that the writing screw up the burn some how?

I use a “sharpie” on all of mine…never been a problem.

The firmware will be reported upon execution of “CD-DVDSpeed” - a free utility you can download, links can be found in the software forum (not handy to my right now…I’m a bit lazy tonight :bigsmile: )

Take care to update the firmware and give it a full chance; that can make quite a difference sometimes.

After that, if you’re not happy - give BenQ (or whoever rebadged the drive) a chance to replace it with a good one - you ought to get what you paid for, after all.

All things in good form, the drive can do great work.

ok went from B8B9 to B8M9. hope this fixes any issues for me!

thanks for the tips boys


well the upgrade in firmware seems to have made the drive better. I was just able to burn a cd that was failing last night… also just wondering is the OEM and the Retail version pretty much the same thing?

also i see alot of peeps use Nero CD-DVD speed test. What is the benifits of me doing this. Is just pretty much to get an actual speed on my media or are there other benefits?

also on the quality test. does it ever reach 100%? I tested a musik cd and it gave me 95% just wanted to make sure!


People use Nero CD-DVD Speed transfer rate test for seeing how fast their drives read certain media. Many also use the error scanning test (disc quality test) for their media. It’s a way to determine the “quality” of your burn. It’s not perfect and it isn’t always correct. But, for a free utility it’s great. Unless you have megabucks to purchase high end testing equipment that corporations use for quality testing, you’re stuck with software scanning programs.

I have never seen the quality rate at 100%. Many of have had it reach 99%, but I personally have only had 98% for my highest. Don’t worry, it really doesn’t mean that much. The scans are only a subjective/limited interpretation of reality - whatever that is? :smiley:

gotta say i am happy with the update… I burned a movie today with my Philips DVD+R 4X and nero said 8X. Gonning to run it by speed test to see actual speed!!

ROB is selling BenQ DW1610 for 85,000 Won right now. It includes domestic next-day shipping, credit card fee (usully 2-5%), and 10% VAT tax. It’s cheaper than Lite-On SOHW-1653S.

One more DW16** for me is very tempting. :bigsmile: (I surely would have gotten several more DW1620 if I lived in the US last year.)

These dirves have dropped so much in price it is worth getting one.

The price for 1 blank dvd+r DL is nearly the same price for 25 blank dvd+r`s, i certainly wont want to buy a dual layer burner in a hurry.

Robbyrob i Hope the drive serves you well.

did the test. avg. 6X. i guess i am happy to get 6x on a 4x dvd. thanks 4 the tip on the upgrade!

The BenQ DW1620 reads DVD+R and DVD-R media at only 8x speed; not 16x speed. It reads DVD-ROM (pressed DVD discs) at 16x speed. I know that you have a DW1610 and I believe that it also only reads DVD+R and DVD-R media at 8x speed. But, in order for it to read the disc at 8x speed the disc has to be almost fully written to its capacity. If you only write about half or even two-thirds its capacity, you will not see it get up to 8x speed.

How much info in GBs were written to your 4x disc? If it was not written to full capacity, that may explain why it only read at 6x speed. If it was written to full capacity, then there are other factors to look at. I just wanted to share this with you as a possibility for why you got only a 6x speed result.

thanks for the explination. It was actually 4GB. Now you say it will only read at 6X. So if i buy a 16X DVD+R it will then still burn at 16X right? Well 16X theroredicly!! :wink:

I may have misunderstood you. Are you saying that the Nero CD-DVD Speed utility reported a burning speed of 6x on that 4x disc? Or, are you saying that Nero CD-DVD Speed said 6x reading speed of that 4x disc after it was already burned? There is a difference between the read speeds and the burn/recording speeds. I’m not sure which you’re referring to?