Should i retuen my 1633s lite-on?

i bought it 3 weeks ago and i read a review of this drive and 6 others and the liteon was the the worst out of them all. and pioneer and NEC were the top runners.

shall i return my liteon drive and get the NEC3500 or stick with the lite-on…also what is this i hear about a 1653s, what is the difference from the 1633s?


Get a so call “good burner” is based on the number of comments and, of course presumed all the config of the people’s PC are working normal. The other is the “luck”, beside good QC & etc. Last is which brand you like. :slight_smile:

Since you have got the LiteON for sometimes, then you should know how the burner performs, is it up to your expectation? :iagree:

Not every one is happy with NEC burner also if you read the threads. :rolleyes:

What sort of results are you getting from your 1633S? code65536 gets excellent results from his 1213S@1633S; plus you get KProbe and excellent reading ability. And of course there is OmniPatcher and crossflash ability.

Does code65536 get excellent results when burning at 12 and 16x? If so, I would really like to see.

Reviews? the Liteon is well up to most tasks and reliable. This (only) is my main criterium. If this burner fits your needs then just stick to it. Bear in mind all those reviews and recommendations are mainly driven by competing commercial interests.
There is no need to go for the fastest when u just save a few seconds in burn time.

I, of course, cannot speak for code65536, but I read these forums diligently and I don’t think anyone has claimed to get good results at 12 and 16x with any Liteon drive.

I have a 1213@1633, it reads all manner of disks very well, it rips DVDs very quickly, it is great for running Kprobe, and it writes RICOHJPNR01 DVD+R discs at 8x beautifully. When I want to burn other DVD media, I use my Nec 3500 or my Nec 2500 or my Benq 1620 – you get my drift. If I was only going to have one burner, I would probably choose the Nec 3500. If you are going to have more than one burner, the Liteon 1213 or 1633 makes an excellent choice for your second drive.

The 1213s, which is a max 12x speed, was introduced to the market at a time when not even (certified) 12x media where available. This said, it is pointless to complain about bad 16x burns.

with my 1633s, i am getting great results on verbatim DVD+R 8X (burnt at 8X)… i’m happy with it.