Should I replace my video card while drunk?



too late, shutting down the computer now…


No worries, Ripit, I work on customers stuff drunk all the time…and get paid…LOL


I seem to have a broke array (I have a 3 drive ande a 2 drive array speed array here). Fyi, I have worked on them drunk too (unless its hard, which it never really is). Problem is I have about 0.8 TB of un backed up tv shows on the bigger array…
FUCK!!! Probably a damn power cable. 10 minutes just to get around the entertainmend center to unhook it all (htpc). Somebody kill me now…


Poof! your now a ghost…


Yea, I’ve done that before… Its ofering to rebuild the array and says missing drive, so maybe its not gone…, If its gone…


I went into disk managment and the drives are not there (in any form). Hopefully a power cable (I got stuf chained on it…).


[QUOTE=ripit;2181862]too late, shutting down the computer now…[/QUOTE]

That is the best way to upgrade part of your computer then you will see every thing shining,colorful and may be even in 3D. So go for it.


I have actualy done it before many times, but I guess its my time to fail… My raids are gone abit ax8 MB, onboard raid, what the hell did I do? Its shut down till I sober up, butreally, what did I do (I just changed the vid card, from an hd 2600 xt to a hd 2600 pro
?.. SHIT!!!


working drunk could be the best way to get a new mainboard.


[QUOTE=CCRomeo;2181942]working drunk could be the best way to get a new mainboard.[/QUOTE]

I need a new main board. I’m sticking with my old athlon 64 3400 939 because I love that motherboard so much (abit has made some of the sweetest boards ever), but its stopping me from upgrading to a faster processor.

This one was kind of a bitch, even after sobering up. I went into disk management and the raid tool to see what array was broken, what drive was missing and what there other drive was that was showing up. Turned out to be a sata cable that was plugged in but popped up just a bit, apparently enough that it wasn’t getting contact. Even after fixing it, I knocked another sata cable loose and broke the other damn array!!! So after hooking and unhooking everything, and dragging a fully loaded antec 900 (can you say tank) out of the entertainment center a dozen times, its all fixed and good (arrays are showing up fine).

this computer has 7 (soon to be 8) hard drives so cables all over the place. I have most of it kind of neatly routed and zip tied, but if you pull on one cable, you pull on half a dozen. The really funny thing is I get to tear it all apart over the next few days anyway. I’m moving the drives from their bays and the 3-2 sata rack to 4-3 adapter plates and adding another drive (currently external). I’m also adding a front pannel card reader, and an antec veris remote control pannel to the front (christmas presents to my self, had to make room for them).

I wonder what people would think if they knew I sometimes worked on their computers plastered drunk HAHAHAHAHAAAA… I only do it a little on the side and have yet to destroy anything yet, lol.


i think a set of those slider /mover things would be a great present for your entertainment center this year :smiley:


I already have furniture sliders under it, but there is so much weight on it, its still damn near impossible to move. I have enough room that I can slip past the corner behind it though. I block the access (on the left) with plastic tubs so the kids cannot get back there.


Good news is the new video card seems to have fixed all the video glitches (so far). Its a down grade from a 2600 xt to a 2600 pro (got the pro for 30$ plus shipping, paid 100$ for the xt a while back). It seems so far that the stuttering and freezing with video is gone too (damn pos HIS video card). I cannot even tell if its 1 or 2 year warranty (newegg says 2 and thats where I bought it). There is literally no information on warranty on there site, and I have heard horror stories about them including charging a 20$ fee plus shipping both ways for warranty service. If thats the case it can go in the garbage (I should have spent 10$ more for the saphire, it included a 10$ hdmi adapter anyway).


[QUOTE=~Jethro~;2181867]No worries, Ripit, I work on customers stuff drunk all the time…and get paid…LOL[/QUOTE]:bigsmile:

I have had a few so to speak plus a few beers and never had any problems but i’m experienced :cool:

I do not recommend it though.


The only problem I can see is:

If you’re too drunk, you won’t be able to tell if you’re seeing double because of the alkyhol or bad video settings…


I don’t recommend it either, but I never have a few. I never come home and drink a beer (it just gives me a headache). I only drink when its planned out in advance and I have plenty of time to recover. Its all or nothing with me and alcohol (not kidding, I do not touch a drop unless I plan on getting good and drunk and have the next day off of work). There is one little problem though. I have a VERY high alcohol tolerance (The chicken and the egg thing with that). There is only one situation where I get into trouble. If I have multiple days off, its not uncommon for me to drink so much, I’m a bit drunk when I wake up. As the hangover sets in, hair if the dog is never an option, unless I just want to get drunk again. I guess I just wanted to get drunk again, cause I’m into my second glass of vodka, lol. I’m gonna catch hell from the wife when she gets home. I’m off till after christmas (going through the kids toys, assembling, testing and wraping).
Now the problems is, how to coerce the wife to drive to UPS and pick up a package (toys for christmas but here religion doesent celebrate christmas so there is no sympathy). Even if I dont get it, no problem (I was out of control ordering online and they have a storage closet full of toys). I don’t want it sent back though as one is a learning to that teaches simple words, and it goes along with the same that teaches letters, and one that teaches words on the tv. The other 2 were just filler to get free shipping on amazon (mr potato head, they already have one but this one has two small ones so, daddy, mommy, dominick and derick potato head).

Fyi, If you dont know me, I ramble on forever when I’m drunk, so I guess I’ll just cut if off there…


I never got into hard liquor. I was a just a beer drinker. It’s your life ripit and no one elses unless the wife wants to make it her business :doh: been there done that :iagree:


Some call it alcoholism, I guess I call it being a drunk. By 12 years old, I was getting plastered twice a week. I spent 6 months drunk when I was 16 and spent an entire summer drunk with friends (off from college) when I was in my mid 20’s. I can take it or leave it, but if I do drink, I get massively drunk (Its how I know to use it). I can go weeks or months without drinking (done it more that a few times to prove a point or just when I didn’t feel like it), but when I drink, I only drink a lot. I dont think I have drank without drinking 2/3 of a fifth for the last 20 years…


yeah i was the same way. I could drink an 18 pk or a case (24) and still function fine. Work on pc’s or whatever no problem. In a way i was like Joe Walsh and others … i was drunk for 20 years or so.


I guess since I have been called an alcoholic, must be one, I really can take it or leave it (but if I drink, I drink a lot, and by definition, that makes me an alcoholic). In reality, I just like getting drunk. Granted, I doing it more now (high stress at work, anf frankly its a good stress reliever). ut a few months ago I was sober (maybe once a month), and our store manager (the cause of my stress)is going to get fired (if there were not 100 reasons already, tampering with hours is automatic termination, and he openly and admidley cut an entire day off one employee (what are you fucking stuid, that’s t4rackable, provable, and it shows your logon to change the hours???