Should I recomend the NEC 3540 or the Benq 1640

I own both drives myself and with Liggy and Dee’s firmware I like my NEC drive, but I must admit I like the 1640 just as much if not more.

Now from a computer novices point of view which would be the wisest overall choice as an all around DVD drive. Including ripping and burning CD’s and both all formats of DVD’s? Keep in mind that overspeeding will never be used and it’s unlikely they will keep up with firmware revisions.

I did convince them to spend the money on quality media like TY so at least that part is taken care of.


If the target audience is not going to be using any of the advanced features of the DVD burner, like PIE/PIF scanning, SolidBurn etc., then it all comes down to what media are supported and what burning quality is achieved at maximum speed; novices almost always burn at the default (maximum) speed - even if that is technically overspeeding the media.

Since you have both drives you must have an idea of the quality of maximum speed burns, and with e.g. MediaCodeSpeedEdit you can see how many media are supported in the two drives.

Then make a recommendation you can make in good faith and take responsibility for it yourself! :slight_smile:

My guess is that the BenQ 1640 will be better with TY since it doesn’t overspeed these; my experience with overspeeding TY media on my NEC 3500 and Plextor PX-712 is that it is NEVER as good as when burning at rated speed. But as I said before - you must take responsibility for the recommendation yourself!

I own the Nec 3500,3520, 3540 and I also have the BenQ 1620 and 1640. I would recommend the BenQ 1640. (But I also love my LG 4163B).

If they want to study and get a PhD in the Qshit application - get the 1640.
if you just want to burn and enjoy life - get the nec.