Should I reburn this BD-R?


I’ve been going through some of my BD-R collection. Since some of my BD-R discs I burned back in 2010 went bad or in the process of going bad. I recently watched this BD-R movie without issue but you can see the graphs below look terrible. Should I reburn this BD-R while I still can? Is there any criteria people use to determine it’s a good time to reburn the disc prior to it going bad? I have many discs with similar looking graphs some better and would prefer not to have to reburn my a lot of my collection.


You can try to wait for it to become obvious that a drive is having trouble reading it, but that requires you to do more frequent spot checks of your discs.

It’s also important to know how the disc originally scanned, but since that’s not quite possible, you can use this as your basis. Occasionally scan your discs and see if/when they begin to deteriorate more significantly.