Should I open the new 716A from RMA, or sell it and go for something else?

Ok, I had some problems with my 716A and blank media. yesterday I bought some Tayio Yuden DVD+R 8x, with media ID : yuden000 T02, considered as the best quality media ever produced by many…and also in the recommended list created by plextor for the 716A even in 16x speed.
I wrote 2 discs at 8x (didnt even want to push it for 16x) and both failed verification. That was it…the RMA request was completed, and now I wait for the new drive.

As much as I have lost faith in Plextor from my experiences with this drive, I must admit their after-sales service is exceptional, just a couple of mails and the new drive is on the way with DHL.

Well, question is, should I have faith on the new drive and open it, or just sell it while its sealed and go get a Pioneer 111D or something?

Did I just have a bad drive or all/most 716A drives suck?

I have been using 8x +R Taiyo Yuden for past yr or so with the 716A.
Never had a problem with either the media or unit…
Over 400 movie backups…

In fact, I bought another 716A a month ago as a spare for when this one goes , which it will someday like any other burner…

my 2cents…

Blinky, it seems members who ever had to RMA a drive got stuck with several more bad 716a’s. One person RMA’d 7 times before getting a good unit finally.

I hate to say it, but their after-sales service is only the way you describe after their reputation took a major hit from CDFreaks and other users who found their RMA services slow, arrogant, annoying and time-consuming. I’d cut my losses and try to sell it, and go with a LiteOn 165p6s or perhaps a BenQ 1655. Both are very good drives and can do quality burn scanning, although the 165p6s has the DVD-RAM capability and also would possess the same 1ECC scanning the Plextor would (and you can use either 4x or 8x on the LiteOn, so it is as least twice as fast scanning your burns at 4x). I’ll put it to you this way: although I have a “good” 716, I took it out of my computer and replaced it with a LiteOn 165p6s. Of course, that’s me and what I would do, so it is up to you to decide how you want to proceed.

Let’s assume that I get a “good” 716A, is there any reason to prefer it from another drive? And I say that because it’s ironic, but the price difference is such that I can sell a “used” Plextor, and buy a new other burner and stil keep some money in my pocket…

So is it worth the hassle to check the new one and see if it performs? Will I miss anything by giving away the Plextor?
I am probably going with Pioneer 111D if I get another one, because I like Pioneer as a brand (and got a dvd-rom from them that rocks) and I have read it does a fabulous job for dual layer +R discs that I need for my xbox360.

According to what I’ve read so far, the 111 has heat problems. It works, but it’s a really hot drive. I’d prefer the 1648 Philips.

Interesting. The last Pioneer drive I had was a slot in DVD-ROM (A06S, I think) and it got very hot too (you could almost fry an egg) just by being hooked up to power and not even doing anything. In contrast all Plextor drives I had stayed stone cold when unused and get only warm when used.

Well, then turn on dma mode :D. I bet you’ve been wondering all the time why there were buffer underruns ;).

The things you might miss from the PX-716A if you sell it for a DVR-111D:

A really sleek look. Next to a 716A most affordable DVD burners look like cheap toys.

C2 error correction.

PlexTools DAE.

Your air conditioning bills might go up… the 111D really heats up during a burn. Toasty.

1ECC scanning, even if you have to use PlexTools to do it. Even though it’s a good reader, the 111D isn’t a good scanning drive.

My $0.02: I have the BenQ DW-1650 and Pioneer DVR-111D in my case right now, and YES the Pioneer turns out pretty spectacular DL burns. I think it also burns SL @ 12x-16x better than the BenQ, but at 8x the BenQ shows slightly prettier quality scan graphs. Jitter looks kinda weird @ 12x-16x with the 111D, though. If I were to choose one for my grandmother to use, it would be the BenQ, but someone who will do a lot of DL burning might appreciate the 111D more.

I wish I had a Litey 165P6S to compare with the others… it seems to have raised a few eyebrows.

Well … I RMA’d my 716A and recieved a 755A as a replacement unit … Plextor didn’t even want to get the old unit back.

Nice piece of information. They’ll probably do the same in my case. Another good reason to replace it with a 760 at my vendor’s.

Exactly the same with my (dead :sad: ) 712A. :iagree:


Well, that’s exaclty what happenned! DHL came today and the box says 755A. I haven’t opened it yet cause I need to decide If i am gonna sell it or not. If I sell it i prefer to do so unopened…

So, is the 755 a good drive? Trouble-free? Shall I keep it or sell and get another?

… and don’t forget the sticky thread with the [B]755 review (by HWP)[/B]. :wink:


I read the review by cdfreaks, as well as the one by HWP. Still can’t decide, because I can only see scans, but not comparable info.

If I can sell my 755 drive for 50 euros, and since I kept my 716 (they don’t want it back), I can stick with the 716 for my basic needs, and use those 50 euros to get a brand new recorder sometime later if needed. The only thing that would keep me back would be if the 755 is the best drive around, so it would not be worth to sell it if i am gonna buy it back later on…

So the question is simple…How do you rate the 755 in comparison to the other drives in the market? (nec, pioneer, liteon, benq, lg…)

I still prefer a 716 to a 755…

And DL recorders, are beautiful with the 716…

And at 8X on SL, can`t fail to the quality…


P.S. - A 716, shouldn`t be replaced by the 760? I would never acept a 755…