Should I mess around with the poll options?

Well should I?

It’s unanimous…HELL YES!!

alls fair if it raises a laugh

As spokeswizard for the proud magical gnomes of K’zorgk, it has come upon me to inform you of our position. We require assurances that no editing (or, to put it in english, mucking about) be done to any thread created by his excellency Belvederi IX. Unless they are about weasels. In return for this assurance, we will supply Kx’igr (or, as he is also known as, Womble) with a years supply of trout. The people of K’zorgk also wish to proclaim their appreciaten of the gifts presented to them by his excellency Belvederi IX, consisting of no less than 342 tonnes freshly squeezed uruburu grapes.

:eek: How much grappa you drank?

The grappa from 342 tonnes freshly squeezed uruburu grapes, obviously! :wink:

Now it’s clear :bigsmile: