Should I make the switch?



It it really necessary for me to ditch DVD decrypter and Shrink? Should move on to other software, like DVD Cloner III? I like Decrypter and Shrink, but have they become too outdated?


nah,not for me…
don’t know what ur needs are though…


You might consider using DVDFab Decrypter (freeware) for those discs, that DVD Decrypter can’t handle. Then you’ll still be able to use DVD Shrink on the decrypted movie, if that’s what you want.


I’ve never heard of this before. How is this different than DVD Decrypter? Is it as powerful?


DVDFab Decrypter is being updated constantly to handle new types of protection (unlike DVD Decrypter). It’s only a ripper/decrypter and doesn’t do all the advanced stuff that DVD Decrypter can do.

Why don’t you simply try it out and see if it works for you?


don’t ditch the software you already have, but it may be time to add another piece to your arsenal.

if you want to stay with free programs, dvd fab decrypter is the way to go. once you decrypt/rip the discs with dvdfab you can use decrypter or shrink to process and burn however you normally went about it.

just because their decryption capabilities are outdated doesn’t mean the programs themselves are complete junk. they are still very useful! I pay for anydvd and clonedvd2 and would recommend them to anyone, but I still keep the freebies on hand as well.