Should I keep SONY08D1 or RITEKG05

Sony SONY08D1 or Maxell RITEKG05

gonna use it in a BENQ 1620

i bought 200 of each online but I will have to return one set or another

(bought them at different times cause both were out of stock, wanted to see which came in first, but both came together lol)

First of all, no crossposting, this is also in the BenQ forum. Secondly, did you get the media from Future Shop/Best Buy in Canada? Are those Sony’s the ones which were $10/25 and the maxells $40/100?

Given the choice of Ritek crap or Sony, I would definately take the Sony. Too bad you didn’t get MIJ Maxell, I got 3/4 spindles MIJ.\

Good luck in whatever you choose. :slight_smile:

I would also go for the Sony. Good reputation and certainly no batch issues.

oh you caught me heh, just wanted more opinions, my bad

yes those are the disc

guess if i cant find MIJ maxell, i will return those MIT maxell, someone posted some scans in my other thread and those sony look good

thanks guys