Should i increase burning speed?

i have nice burn here, should i burn at 12x instead of 8x, or saty at 8x.
this is on sony 8x. the cost around 1.5$ so I check with u before to have a bad burn.

I’d give it a try. Besides the spike you’ve got there, this is a very fine burn. My guess is that at 12x writing the scan won’t be this good, but it still might be acceptable. Just try a (full!) disc and make a scan.

scanning with kprobe should be done at 4X.

and why 4x???

If you want to scan @8x, you can use CDSpeed.

because 4X is the standard scanning speed for liteons.

              if you scan at 8X using eather kprobe or cd speed with a liteon your results will not be comparable to others.

But can they be worse @8? I’ve always scanned my burns with LiteOn @8 using CDSpeed and never spotted any difference (of being worse) between those and BenQ’s.

The forum uses 4x so that when comparing, it is a fair test.

well I have tried at 12x on a sony 8x +r.

at 85% of the burn, I have an erroe message. My DVD was dead…I can not even post u a test with Kproble, the disc was a total failure…
@8x, I have very good results…see my first why should I change?.

anyway, these sonyx8, are excellent. much better than the TDK ±r x4 or x8.
the sony DVD discs cost only 0.4$ more.(spindle of 10 for 13 euro)

8X media. Use 8X! Perhaps the PC is not capable of delivery 12X data. The time difference is only 3 minutes. Higher burn speed will always result in shorter storage life.

thanks furball,
the best is to follow firm recomendations…just a guess!

I use high quality 8X media and burn at 4X for all backup movies. Not a single DVD coaster, ever!

My general recommendation: use 8x or 4x for burning, It will often result in higher quality.
Something what I don’t understand is why you guys are in such a hurry :wink: Just take ur time and be on the safe side. Just my 2c, though :bigsmile:

Sometimes underspeeding media writes can cause WORSE results due to longer laser exposure times that the media was designed to withstand, as I understand it. I’m no DVD/CD engineer, mind you. I’m just chiming in with my own two cents too. :slight_smile:

I personaly have been burning Taio Yuden 8X +r’s at 12X lately, even though my NEC 3500 will let me write them at 16X and the ones I HAVE written at 16X actualy look pretty good so far as I can tell using only Nero’s transfer rate testing.

Any other thoughts on this?


Joe is right…
if u have studied mecanic like at did for years, u will know each material has his own cutspeed.

cutspeed depend of the tool ur use(Hardmetal, titanium,diamants,water spray(yes, yes, u can even cut with water under pressure)…), in this case a laser, the material u cut, and the cooling process(air, injected air, soap water,…).
if u “cut” ur dvd at the wrong speed, and u look ur dvd with a microscope, u will probably see that is is not cut, but ripped.

BTW, where can I find closeup pictures of DVD…???

But isn’t there the drive’s Laser Power Calibration to make sure
the laser-power is properly adjusted to the media and the chosen speed ?

:confused: :confused: :confused:

Be careful with your statement. A little knowledge can be very dangerous. Quality 8X media should be good UP to at least 8X. Higher speed always introduces more variables into the burn parameters. The media may be optimized for 8X speed, but the other parameters may reduce the overall burn quality.