Should I go for the new 2510 or is the 2500 a safer buy?! How do they compare?!




I was wondering if the new 2510 works as well, better or worse then the standard 2500 regarding writing/reading of both CDs and DVDs. Thing is that new devices sometimes have all kinds of weird problems in the beginning, so therefore I am hesitating if I should get this new 2510 or if I should get the 2500 that shines in all reviews and would perhaps be a safer buy?! It’s just that I don’t feel comfortable with buying a new model of which I haven’t even seen a review yet? What problems can I expect with this new drive? I hear some people complain about coasters with the 2510, etc… that doesn’t sound good…

Also, does Nero 6 already support it cause it isn’t in the supported drives list?! How well does it work with Nero? Any problems or strange things I could run into?

I really hope somebody can clarify all this! Thanks in advance for all good feedback!!

Best Regards, Mike.


As stated in a lot of messages on this forum the drives are absolutely the same except of firmware that you can upload to the drive yourself. So if you have extra money and ready to pay for the label on the device, buy 2510, if not 2500 is the best choise and it could be converted to the 2510 by updating the firmware. Really simple operation.


Where do you find the official firmware for the 2510, cause I can’t find it anywhere? There is hardly any info about this drive on the NEC sites.

Also, isn’t it so that the 2500 and 2510 use the same firmware, that the real change is in the hardware so that it will be able to burn DL discs.


No the 2500 and 2510a are 100% the same in hardware, DL burning is all fw.


I would suggest the 2510 as it comes with inbuilt (official) support for dual layer burning. The 2500 can be updated to also support this, but the update is not guaranteed to work. Plus, if you do hack the firmware, it will void your warranty. I feel the relatively small (~$10-15) additional cost for the 2510 is well worth it. has a review of the 2510, but it is not as detailed as reviews here on cdfreaks. However, the regular burning/reading performance of the 2500 and the 2510 drives will be almost identical. So, you should not have any problems with the 2510, that the 2500 itself does not have. I very recently bought a 2510 drive with a pack of RiData discs and haven’t had a single problem yet (using Nero 6)…


The drives are absolutely the same except of firmware? Why to pay extra money for support that NEC doesn’t provide??? If you drive will be broken, you will always be able to reflash it with stock firmware and return to your seller without any problems about warranty. There is no way to prove if you flashed the drive or not, if at last you reflashed it back with original firmware. And usualy drive brokes on reading or writing, but still able to be flashed! Any other reason to pay extra money???


According to NEC the difference may be more than just firmware. Read the last section on the following link. Of course, it is in their interest to say this as it will improve sales of the 2510, but there may actally be a small nugget of truth here too :slight_smile:


Well, I think it’s marketing, nothing else! They need more sales and of course they want 2500 users to upgrate to 2510. As said in one of the posts on this forum, even resellers sell 2500 as 2510 with updated firmware and changed label.


This is of course true, but as Emax suggests, in his first post, I would still go ahead and pay the little extra for the label and get the 2510A. This way your drive is guaranteed by the manufacture to burn Dual Layer (DL) media, and has the added advantage of taking away any quality control or factory alignment issues.


ND-2100A = ND-2500A = ND-2510A



Setting aside warrantee issues, is this true for quality control and alignment too?


Apart from NEC’s official statement saying there are in fact quality control issues, I don’t see how anyone else without direct access to inside information can comment on this factor. There simply aren’t that enough dual-layer tests available to show that a significant majority of hacked 2500 drives can actually burn dual layer media successfully.

When it comes to electronics that I use to backup my extra valuable data, I simply prefer to err on the safe side :slight_smile:


My point exactly!


What is 10 to 15 bucks anyway? It’s nothing for the security of knowing it’s guaranteed to be DL capable.

Edit: Only thing that sucks (in my view) is that I can’t find any DL media :wink:


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For someone from England, your writing skills could sure use some improvement. I, along with others on this thread, have already outlined the reasons why the 2510A is a better choice over the 2500A given the current costs for both. It would be great if you could actually respond to the listed concerns instead of just blindly stating what has already been said before, and has still not yet been officially confirmed.

When you factor in media costs over the lifetime of the drive, $10 really does not amount to much. You may be in an unfortunate position where the drives are much more expensive in the UK, but in the US we can make a more selective decision due to the very similar prices of the two drives.

If you feel the drives are exactly the same, please provide the facts to prove this - how can you be 100% certain that the two drives perform exactly the same on dual-layer media when there have been so few (if any) tests performed?


SVP do the 2510 for about £59 now