Should I go for Benq 1650 or NEC 3550 for cheap media?

2 months ago I purchased a liteon 1693s. Well is really crappy in cheap medias even though i use the hacked fireware. It can’t read the +R cheap media that it burn.

So I will pick either NEC or BENQ. Can someone please tell me should i go for Benq 1650 or NEC 3550 for burning really cheap dvd medias? Because my friend told me that Benq is kind of crappy in burining cheap media while NEC can eat and burn anything.

Thank you!!! :bow:

I currently own 3550 and a Benq 1655. The 1655 is similar to the 1650 but with lightscribe. My vote is for 1650. Use QSuite software with it. Just download it from Benq. Here is what it can do.
QSuite is an innovative application suite that compliments and enhances the convenience of DVD recording technology.

Get control of your drive through the use of four built-in functions:

  1. Book Type Management - Change a +RW disc to DVD-ROM format to ensure compatibility.
  2. QScan - Test the disc to determine optimal speed and and configuration for a quality burn.
  3. Test Write - Simulate writing on DVD+R / +RW / +R DL media to prevent wasted media
  4. WOPC (Walking Optimal Power Control) - Adjusts speed to compensate for poor media quality. :slight_smile:

So Benq 1650 is better than NEC 3550 in burning cheap medias once you use QSuite???