Should I give up on Tages?

Hello all,

I recently purchased some very expensive and overpriced software called EyeQ 3.3x which helps increase reading speed and comprehension (works well too!). I am paranoid that something is going to happen to the disc, which I’ve paid more for than any other. I have been trying desperately for days successfully create a backup copy of the program, and have not gotten any closer.

First, I’ll describe the error, and then the different ways I’ve attempted to solve it.

In each of my attempts to run from different backup copies or images, everything installs fine and even the autorun works:

But when I run the program from either the exe or the autorun dialogue, it pauses awhile and with the burned copies I can hear it scanning the cd for a few seconds, and then I get this:

With the original disk in, when I run the program, it scans it for the same few seconds, the program launches, and then the cd is not read at further after that at any point during the use of the program (typical installation, everything’s installed).

Anywho, Protection ID v5.1f tells me this:

Scanning -> C:\Program Files\Infinite Mind LC\eyeQ\eyeQ.exe
File Type : Exe, Size : 63270912 (03C57000h) Bytes
[!] Tages v5.0 - v5.4 protected !

I have read through every Tages related thread here at cdfreaks. It seems a couple people have had luck, and I have tried exactly what they say, and still nothing.

Snowdreamer2000 explains the same problem and his solution in this thread :

I used ISOBUSTER by Smart Projects
to extract the CD to an ISO file
I Right-Click’ed on the Top Level of the CD in the
Directory Tree on the left pane.
Clicked “Extract CD <image>”
Then clicked “RAW (*.bin, *.iso)”
Once it was done, I renamed the “EyeQ.bin” file
to “EyeQ.iso” because DAEMON Tools (see below)
would not recognize the *.bin file.
Then I used DAEMON Tools
to “Mount” the extracted ISO file as a Virtual CD
to bypass the copy protection.
It works beautifully… Now I keep the original Eye-Q CD in a safe place…”

I tried exactly that, and it didn’t work for me… white_owl had some luck with the same program using a differant method in this thread :

OK, COOL! problem solved you guys! thanks to THE MAN! R!Co!! he solved the problem. Final verdict was: the CD protection was a home made one that was checking for a file, and added some unreadable sectors. Solution: Alcohol 120% and SafeDisc 2/3 profile. It totally solve the back-up issue…I just removed the program totally (regular way) then restarted the computer 2 times (just in case), then I installed it again, this time using the b/u CD

Tried that too with no luck… burned or mounted, using alcohol, daemon or nero imagedrive. I’ve uninstalled, restarted, and reinstalled each time: with the isobuster RAW image, again with alcohol safedisk 2/3 method burned, and again with the alcohol safedisk 2/3 method mounted.

It is also discussed here and in another forum , where a few people have had some luck.

i have EyeQ and burned it to cd. i’m pretty sure a disk to disk copy would be no problem.

I don’t have two drive to attempt a disk to disk copy… is that really a solution?

I used my friendly google and eyeq has safedisk protection.
Very easy to get around just do the following.

  1. Click on image making wizard
  2. On the bottom it will say datatype and there will be a drop down list. Click on Safedisk 2/3 and hit next.
  3. Choose the name of your image, where you want to put it etc. just remember that stuff so you can find it later and start backing up.
  4. Once the image is done being made, go to alcohol and click on image burning wizard.
  5. Select your image and under datatype put in safedisk 2/3 again.
  6. Burn and enjoy. You might not want to burn on the highest speed because that can cause errors sometimes. If you do, just don’t multitask.

Did just that earlier in the aboved mentioned method using alcohol. It seems though that there is a way to get around tages in this thread which is further discussed in this article which I’m sure you’ve all read.

TF: But one can make a correct image by hand, using the trick you explained ?

BG: Sure. First, you read the disc and make an image as usual. Then you read the
disc backwards, and make another image. Comparing the two images will show some
different sectors : just extract these sectors from the second image and insert
them in the first one, just after the range of sectors with the same numbers.
For extra safety you should add some dummy sectors before the range you insert,
to cope with your drive’s lack of precision during seeks. That’s it :slight_smile:

Alright… now I guess I’m what you’d call an advanced amateur in these matters, and this is where the line is drawn on my ability to figure out on my own. I don’t know anything about any form of code, other than the concept. How do I compare a forwards-read image and a backwards-read image, what exactly am I looking for I find whatever I’m looking for, then how do I extract certain sectors and insert them into a different image?

And moreover, I don’t understand this: as far as I understand the .exe file in the installed directory is what has the tages protection on it, so is it the exe or the disc image that needs to be changed?

I don’t know what to do though. Any help would be greatly appreciated, and if it required lengthy in depth help, I’d even be happy to pay a little bit for the help. I don’t know procedures on this stuff… would it require a disc image and copy of the exe to be sent to someone to be worked on, or is it more simple than it seems?

Thank you all for your time and concern.

Alright, dumb question; how do I edit my post? I know I’m supposed to be able to, but I’m logged in and I can’t find an edit button or option anywhere. Just a couple typos, but still… also, can I move this thread to the CD & DVD Copy Protection topic? It might be more appropriate there. Thanks.

Thread moved as requested.

Try looking here as a starting point for Tages back-up copies.

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None of public available tools will work for 5.4 atm. Just hang in there and wait

Hi guys, I’m having the same problem with making a backup copy of eyeq 3.3. Is there any update on this issue? Can the tages 5.4 protection be defeated now?

[B]Has anyone been able to solve the Tages protection?

Is there a way to backup this type of CDs?[/B][/SIZE]

what do ya know. i’m having the same issue. and i was discussing this in a whole different forum.

This software should be able to make a working image of a TAGÈS protected CD / DVD:

There is also a demo version available. You should use the “Verify each sector” function or select the TAGÈS profile for reading the disc (don´t know if there are any profiles).

I didn´t try this software myself, only read about it in forum somewhere. A successful image seems to be very dependent from your CD drive.

Hope that helps! :slight_smile:

I have this and I simply made a disc image from the cd and mounted it on Alcohol120%, it works.

Anyways, I just started this program, it doesn’t seem like my reading speed is improving, but I only did 1 lesson, but my really speed only increased 15wpm. Did this thing worked for anyone else? I know their claims of 3000+ wpm is bs, but if I could at least hit 800wpm I’m happy. TIA.

What do you have? And what is wpm?

Hey awdrifter, can you share with us the type and version of the software you’ve used to make the image? is there any special settings you need to set? what version of alcohol120% did you use? thanks!

I doubt that it works with alcohol. Daemon Tools pro works.

I tried daemon tools last year (around November) with no luck. Can you give me some more information on the Daemon Tools Pro? Is it a new version that just come out recently? can you describe the process of making this work? Is there any special settings? thanks Alot!

Here’s some info on dtpro which has been released recently. It uses a plugin called ‘tages dumper’ which does the job for no special settings required it seems not work on every tages title but on most of them CD and DVD.

thanks for the info Kalas. since DTPRO is really for emulation and mounting an CD image. What tool would I use to create the image in the first place?

You would use dtpro :stuck_out_tongue: Seriously dtpro can create images it’s a little bit like Alcohol52 but has more features for example tages dumper, encrypted images, etc… and hopefully one day the promised vide drive which has been announced for quite some time now.

Hey guys, the new dtpro is awesome. It’s the best $27 I’ve ever spent on software. I was able to create a working image very quickly. thanks for the tip guys!

Any word on if DT pro works on eye q 4.1v ?? Still trying to backup this $200 cd!!! I’d love to use it on my laptop without the cd too that would be great!

[QUOTE=ACER8;2039431]Any word on if DT pro works on eye q 4.1v ??[/QUOTE]You can find out with DAEMON Tools Pro Basic Trial Version or Free Ad-Supported Version :wink:
No need to buy a pig in a poke - though i’m pretty sure it will work.
If not, try to create image with another CD/DVD drive, preferably a desktop one, and transfer it to your laptop.