Should I get this laptop for my B-Day?

I was looking around for a birthday gift for me for when I celebrate my old a crusty 26th b-day. Anyways my parents asked me what I wanted. I’m thinking about this.

Is it worth a flip. I don’t want my parents to spend too much, but I want a decent laptop (One that can handle half-life 2)

I’m really apprehensive about this one, because It runs on Vista. So If any one can find one cheap and that can run newer games and is XP not Vista. Please tell me. I just don’t think my parents would want to spend over $800 on a laptop, cause I’m grown now (not really cause I’m still a child at hart).

myself i would never buy used, same as ‘refurbished’ laptop. but anyway, if you are getting one for games, find smth with Not integrated graphic, ati or nvidia. also, if u want to carry it around, 17’’ is probably way to heavy.
I have an old asus 15.4’’ laptop which I paid 1700 for and very happy with it.
If i were to buy one today, i wouldnt go more than 14’ and would look for 1 as slim as they come. I saw some nice 1s from asus and fujitsu. pay attention to battery life, as it is a big thing in laptops.

:iagree: 14.1" is my favourite compromise as well. Two other things I look for in the shop is weight and heat from the bottom. Nothing as annoying as a hot lap-top. :bigsmile:


Well, Cressida, you’d hate mine, as it’s a 7.x LB 17" widescreen hp pavilion dv9000z dektop replacement. :bigsmile:


Intel GMA 950 cannot really give you much satisfactions when playing games [had the GMA 900 in my desktop; not really that great]. Try for something with dedicated ATi or nVidia graphics, as [B]FidelC[/B] suggested. I’m running an integrated nVidia GeForce Go 6150 chip that shares 128 MB [BIOS allocated] + a staggering 475 MB memory [goes up/down depending on how much memory] with Windows, and it’s decent, but not good. [Stutters a little at higher graphics settings]. The memory amount made the biggest difference for it, though, as when it has only 32 MB allocated by the BIOS, I get maybe 9 frames per second.

This one look really good.

What do you peoples think?

Looks pretty good, IMO. I’d take it.

Dell is having some amazing coupons and deals lately on models in your price range that are dual core, 1 or 2 gigs ram, and large sata hdd’s. Check them out as well.

I agree if this is for travel 17" is a bit much. Also avoid refurbs, buy new if possible especially with electronics.

No never buy laptop in refurbish condition second this price for refurbish laptop is way way off. The maximum is worth no more than $300.


As others have so aptly stated - “DON’T BUY REFURBISHED NOTEBOOKS”

Especially when you can get a Dell for under $700-eh!