Should I get these?

So I’m tired for waiting for those “deals” every so often at Best Buy. And rebates annoy me.

Currently I have a Pioner DVD 109 drive.

I found these two options:

Obviously by the URL one is 4x, the other is 8x. Are these discs set at their rated speeds, or can they do higher with my burner? Could say the 4x do 16x or at least 8x on my 109 drive? How about the 8x?

Also what the heck is Silver Lacquer (sorry if I sound stupid, I’ve only dealt with branded discs). Are they just like most branded discs yet have no labels, or are they like those really shiny, yet VERY easy to scratch blanks? I don’t want those as they are not durable at all.

Lastly, everyone loves Taiyo Yuden DVD media, right??

:iagree: :iagree: :iagree:

It’s hard to claim that TY media is crap. Anyways, if you get the latest firmware update the 8x ones burn at about 12x. Haven’t tried the 4x ones yet.