Should I get the Iomega DVD burner

I’m a collector of DVD’s and need to back them up so I can put away the originals and play the burnt ones. I was wondering which was the best DVD burner for that, most of my DVD’s are copy protected. I was going to buy the Iomega teiom2854 (I think that’s the model) or is Liteon better or any other brand. I really like the iomega.
Thanks guys

Have a read through the last page or two of this thread.

I would stick with either the NEC 2500A or LiteOn 812S myself. Then there is always the possibility of waiting for dual layer drives to hit the market in a month or two…

I was just reading other posts on DVD’s not being compatible, and others not reading safe disc and others something about region, and others about flashing ,and not playing on DVD players just errors like that
All I want is a cheap DVD burner that is the most compatible with everything even duel layer I think

If you rely on vendors for any sort of support, technical or customer service, you would do best not to go with Iomega.

After having to work with them on failed Zip and Jazz drives that were in warranty (but by the way, if it’s older than 90 days, you have to fax in a receipt, or the tech support call will cost you before free warranty replacement) I told them they could jump. Admittedly, this was long ago, but the reason Iomega is no longer the market player they were is a history of poor support that eventually led to a lost class-action lawsuit.

And if you don’t need any of this kind of support, there are other options that are just as good, that may very well cost less. I’d bet you could find the LiteOn 411S out there for a steal.

Hey I’m still reading the posts and no one on this forum makes it clear which DVD burner is better they keep changing from liton to nec to sony…so which one is best for my needs(to see my needs “first post”) I want it under $250AU
O yes I want it to read them too
PLEASE Help!!!

That is because everyone has different opinion on what is “better”.

IMHO for cheap the 411S/451S is a good choice. Its worked like a charm for me. (plus you can overclock them to a 811S/851S if you feel like it).

Whatever you do make sure you research about media before buying any. I would say about 75% of the media out there is grabage.

Don’t worry, if you wait long enough someone will come along and tell you that LiteOn sucks and to get a Pioneer. Then someone will say that Pioneer suck and to get a Sony. Then someone will say that Sony Sucks and to get a NEC. Then someone will come along and say NEC sucks and to get a LiteOn.

Have you read any of the reviews found here? They are a good place to help you reach your own conclusion.

Either way though I wouldn’t get the Iomega. If for no other reason than community (us) support won’t be nearly as good compared to the other popular drives (LiteOn,NEC,Pioneer etc).

What media do you recommend?
And what’s this thing about some drives won’t be compatible with duel layer DVDr? Has duel layer DVDs been released yet?


Doesn’t overclocking a DVD burner void the warranty and is it like overclocking a CPU. Is it safe will it last as long?


Originally posted by Hayden
[B]What media do you recommend?
And what’s this thing about some drives won’t be compatible with duel layer DVDr? Has duel layer DVDs been released yet?


If you buy now, do not expect dual-layer DVD writing support. This is entirely normal, as all currently available writers are single-layer only. While dual-layer DVD writers should be available by mid-to-late summer, dual layer DVD media will likely be hard to come by and/or quite expensive for at least 6 months.

I don’t currently see dual-layer as a reason to wait to buy a DVD writer, due largely to how long it will take to get reasonably priced, reliable dual-layer media, and possibly work bugs out of the first-generation dual-layer drives.