Should I get rid of my old Plextor W1610A?



I currently have an old Plextor CD-RW burner (PX-W1210A) and a Pioneer DVR-109 burner. Should I get rid of my old CD-RW drive to make room for another harddrive, keep it as is, or get a better CD-RW burner? And if so which one should I get for best quality burning and should it also be able to read DVDs too?

Will using my DVD burner for everything wear it out? Can the Pioneer write CD-Rs just well as my old Plextor did (at 16x, which was fine)?

I care about quality over speed always btw.


It all depends on you. Your DVD burner can also be used to burn CD-R with and if you need more room you can get rid of the PX-W160TA drive. But, if the drive is working fine then keep it. If you want to replace it with a new drive then the Plextor Premium is a good choice. It can’t read DVD’s though but the only person who can answer if you need this is you. Welcome to the forums!


I personally think wearing out a DVD writer by burning too many disks is nearly impossible for the majority of home PC users unless they burn like 50,000 DVD disks at home to sell the illegal DVD movies on some streets. Reading must be easier for the same hardware.


your joking i hope it happens


You hope what happens?


That DVD burners will not wear out until they’ve burned 50.000 discs.


how do they burn out? What part of the hardwrae burns out?


I’m guessing that would be the laser… It tends to loose some of his qualities…


My 1610TA was quality-wise not really good. I got it exchanged via RMA with an 2410TA which makes still really good burns. If your 1610 however makes good burns on current media too, keep it.