Should I get Lightscribe or Not?



I wonder if lightscribe is going to be a round for awhile or is it a passing fad?

Is it worth it for me? I only want to label my DVD movie backups.


IMO lightscribe isn’t worth the cost or effort.
Lightscribe disc cost extra (about the price of a DL DVD),
and take a long time to label (1/2 hour +). In addition, the labels are only a single color (I’ve seen some posts of lightscribe discs that look great, but it takes a lot of time and effort) In addition, I’ve heard that Lightscribe labels fade in the sunlight, but have not experienced this.

If all you care about is a simple text label for your backups, then a Sharpie (magic marker) is great because your total cost per disk would be lowest with no sacrifice in quality.

Avoid stick on labels for DVD’s, they eventually age and shrink. This leads to your backups becoming unreadable with time.

If you want the DVD to look good with only a minor increase in cost, then I would recommend you get inkjet printable DVD’s and buy a CD / DVD capable printer. In the US that would be an Epson R(series), internationally you can go with Canon. I would do a forum search in this forum for more info on the printers.


HP also, worldwide. And the scuttle is that Canon will soon release printers in the USA as well.