Should i get DW-1640?

Recently two BenQ drives popped up in a shop near me, the DW-1670 and DW-1640. I wasn’t expecting to see BenQ drives in shops any more and this is most probably the last chance to get a new BenQ…

The DW-1670 is kinda out of the game, but i’m a bit tempted by the 1640. However i’m not shure whether it is worth the price, considering the fact that i’m a happy owner of a Samsung SH-S182D and i don’t really need a new drive.

How good this drive actually is ? I’m the kind of guy who likes to play around with things, so i’d like to have fun with Qsuite and Quality scanning (although my S182D is a reasonable scanner).

So the great question is: should i get the BenQ now, even if i can live without a second drive, or instead buy a LiteOn later, when my Samsung dies ?

What do you think ?

I’d buy that 1640 in a hearts beat! You’ll have fun with the drive using Qsuite 2.1. :slight_smile:

In my personal experience the benq 1640 is a very good drive. Its only “defect” is that have an issue when burning @16x +R media, but this can be easily corrected simply burning @12x.

If I could I will buy another 1640 or also a 1655, but too bad I can’t find anymore these drives :frowning:

Lots of BenQ drives in stores still here :eek:
Sold for the German standard price of € 40, the universal price of each and every DVD burner except Plextor. (Yes, expensive, but burners and media are taxed in a lot of European countries. But we don’t do anything naughty…)

Maybe I should buy one too, but the BenQ brand is very unpopular in Germany because they closed down their mobile phone factories here in an objectionable way…
If I see any LiteOn DW1650 in a local shop (too lazy to order online) I will pick up one of those because the LiteOn name is still politically correct enough. :bigsmile:

Maybe smaller shops still have some, but it’s hard to find them 'cause they do not update their websites.

I found a Philips DW 1650 too, what about that one ? According to this thread it’s a Benq DW-1650…

It’s a great drive, certainly my best all around among about 10 different burners I own. You won’t be disappointed. I also have a 1655, though I still prefer the 1640.